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Jubilee locations for possible auditions


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My setup is more homemade/hybrid/bastardized JubScala (a term I don't care for), so it doesn't
count as much, since I chose a shorter horn (one less fold than Jube
bin) with horn sub. That being said, the I'm using the K-402 with the
Klipsch MADE driver, the K1133, which goes down to 300 hz. in that horn,
so I don't have to worry like the TAD guys about bottoming out their
VERY epsnsive diaphragms.....which is why no one else dare to cross this
low, but I assure you that in accordance with a comment by Roy in an
old thread here, the compression driver always beats the woofer/horn
when we are talking transient response, distortion, etc. and not because
it's usually 6 db more efficient. I know they cross that 1133 driver
with 4th order active bandpass at 400 Hz. in theater, but I get away
with first order electrical (plus 3 rd order acoustic) on the low end at
home, since I rarely see more than 10-20 MILLIWATTS in that voice coil

So could you call mine a B@$tard Jube Scala? LOL.

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I am still using the EV DX38 crossover. Hope to go passive one day.

Why would you want to lose the time delay correction between drivers, fine PEQ, and add a reactance to your amplifier's load?

Cause it sounds better.Wink

In your case, of course but your passive network is not "normal" it's a first class design, cost no object, by the best in the biz. A work of ART with some mucho primo components. Would anyone else on the Forum have access to your schematic and/or parts list? I'm sure they would have to swallow hard, knowing that it's more expensive than the best active devices. Besides, it's arguable as whether or not is sounds better. In your case, the common denomintor is the 8W Single Ended Tube amp. I would be curious to see if an active front end to two sets of your SET amps with all the PEQ and time delays woudn't be better.

BUT, knowing you, I would bet that you have already tried that, eh?

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BTW, I only use active on the woofer section, since the K402/K-1133 with the B&C DE-250 Tweeter/QSC Waveguide work so somoothly together, in terms of bandwidth and efficiency, with just a single cap in the front. With low power broad band response of the top end, I can get away with that super simple passive, but the woofer section, much like the Jube needs all the help it can get because it's anything BUT flat in frequency response.

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You might call mine Jube Scala Clone Hybrid 3-way active/passive with Tapped Horn Sub. LOL

Perhaps we are getting away from a "purist" Jubilee, which, in my mind, would HAVE to include the bass bin. So either the 3-way passive or active, 2-way passive or active with either the K402 or the K510 Horns designed by Klipsch (Roy Delgado) would fully qualify. That is 4 possible configurations.

So I guess with a K402 or K510 top and a LaScala bottom, can they really be called "Jube" since the Jubilee really IS the bass bin. I'm just sayin'

If we allow a loose definition of the "jube" part of JubeScala, then mine is as "Klipschy" as any other configuration, I suppose, but I would not be insulted if it's deemed unworthy. Either way, my current setup sonicallyTROUNCES the 2PH3 setup I had with Khorns for over 30 years (exact same thing that PWK had in his living room). But it took me 5 years, losts of big horns and drivers (including MWM woofers) to get here.

My advice is: "Don't re-invent the wheel>"

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But it took me 5 years, losts of big horns and drivers (including MWM woofers) to get here.

My advice is: "Don't re-invent the wheel>"

But did you enjoy the journey and did you learn along the way?....if so it was worth it I would say.


I enjoyed the journey, YES. You are right, Mike. All of my upgrades sounded better than my original Khorns. If someone wanted a short cut, I would recommend putting a K402 on top of a Khorn bin with a modern 2-inch driver, then use a 2 way active network until you can afford a Jubilee bass bin, then sell the Khorns and go with some flavor of Jube 2-way, or a 3-way setup like mine with a Jube bottom. This is assuming that one would just buy parts and not build them.

So one should start with the K-402 horn no matter where one ends up, since I went through about 13 horns before I got here.

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  • 4 months later...

I'm now close enough to at least one of the owners in the list..

Close to which part of Colorado? Denver or Silverton?


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