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Forte' II owners


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Tell me what amplification you are using for your Forte'IIs.

I'm particularly interested in the vintage stuff.

I have Forte I's and am using a Denon PMA-1080R(105w/ch) integrated amp from around 1991(not vintage in true sense). Great combination. Very fast punchy detailed amp. Neutral sounding. This Denon integrated amp sounds better with my Fortes than anything I have tried.


I have used my Marantz 2252B receiver and a Luxman R-115 receiver. Both powered the Forte's with ease. 80's Denon seperates work very well also.





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when I originally got mine in 89 I used a Sony ES receiver. It was about 100 wats per channel. When I went to .71 I used a Denon 3805. Then I went to Sunfire separates TGP5 and a TGA7400. They sounded great with all of them. With that tractrix they can handle about anything.

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I'm using a Pioneer Spec1 and 4 and while the sound is detailed and dynamic it just seems harsh and too in your face for my taste. I find myself dialing back the midrange and upper end more and more.

Looking for a more laid-back smoother sound, but prefer ss.

Any ideas?

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Quad II monoblocks (converted to EL34 by mr.Croft) from Croft Micro 25 preamp

and sometimes

2x Emotiva UPA-1 monoblocks from Emotiva UMC-1 preamp/processor

both setups sound sweet to me;

also, make sure it's your amp making you dislike your mid/highs and not the room

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I'm using my Forte IIs as my Mains in a surround sound A/V system.

Yamaha RX-V 3800 Receiver.

I just swapped out the crossovers and Tweeter diaphragms for the Crite's replacements. I have the pics posted in another string on this forum. Very happy with the results

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Right now, a The Fisher 500-C in completely original condition. Sound pretty good, but need the loudness control turned on for decent bass. Also use a The Fisher KX-200 with new caps through signal path, Chinese C9 12AX7 and NOS Westinghouse coin base 7591A output tubes for awesome lifelike sound. But my usual, and favorite, setup is the preamp section of the Harmon Kardon HK 3490 receiver feeding the amplifier section of my Sansui G-9000. The HK preamp has slightly better clarity and a slightly better phono section, but most importantly has remote control. But the Sansui's amp section completely wipes all the other amps out in power and in your face punch. Klipsch speakers are generally very efficient, but it really does take a good very high current amplifier to bring out their best performance.

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