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The new Van Halen video Tattoo... Watch it here


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Oh man, I remebr being 15 years old at the 1984 concert and idolizing these guys. Now I'm 43 and feel sorry that they are still working. For some reason the Stones can still pull it off (because they play their old songs) but these guys cannot.

They look like they should be doing commercials for reverse mortgages or denture cream.

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Totally agree with you, Fish. I also picked up Chickenfoot III, the new 'foot album, and Sammy, Joe and Michael sound much better to me than this incarnation of VH (and that is coming from a fan that originally preferred Roth-VH to Sammy-VH). I'm guessing that part of it is the genuine enthusiasm that the 'foot members feel, and the better creative juices that are flowing. To me, the 'foot are having "fun," and I am not sure that is the case with VH. Sounds like the "new" Van Halen album is going to have a number of "old" songs from Van Halen's club days that were never formally released on an album "in the day."

Critics have commented that "Tattoo" sounds almost identical to "Down in Flames" - a tune from VH's club days in the '70s. Do not really care for the song or the video. Hopefully, the upcoming album will be better.


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Van Halen I've heard of, loved them..... but who the hell are those old farts in the video?

I like it, it's a good song that has the classic Van Halen sound..... Eddie and David finally made-up, and I think it sounds good, Eddie still ripping his geeeetar like only he can. Don't know what happen to Eddies brother, and David's still got that rock'in voice.

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