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Pipe Organ in da (church) house!


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1 hour ago, babadono said:

I'm not clear, not FB dude..does it come with the console? Or just the guts(pipes)?



Used - Fair

Available is an all original (except swell engine) 2 manual 19 rank Moller pipe organ 1.5HP blower with 5.25” static, will fit through door 6 reservoirs 1 Trem Organ is 20’ wide Swell is 57” deep Great is 56” deep Has not been releathered Great 61, 3.5” pressure 8 Principal 47 sc 8 Hohl Flute (metal) 4 Octave 60sc 2 Super Octave 73sc III-IV Mixture 80sc 8 Trompette (sw) Swell 68, 4” pressure 8 Spitz Gamba (needs new basses, 2 missing, 3 destroyed) 8 Spitz Celeste TC 8 Bourdon (metal) 4 Gemshorn 2 Block Flote 16 Double Trumpet (L/2) 8 Trompette (ext) 4 Tricher Regal Chimes Pedal 32, 3.5” pressure 16 Contrebass 34sc, mitred 16 Bourdon (wood basses, from sw) 8 Octave 46sc ext 8 Gedeckt (sw) 4 Octave ext 4 Gedeckt (sw) 16 Double Trumpet (sw) 4 Clarion (sw) Church has sold and new owners do not need organ. Console will be severed soon but not discarded as the space is needed. Buyer is responsible for removal. The church understands the cost of a removal, hence the low price. Estimated removal is 5 days which they also understand. We are an insured builder in Grand Rapids and can assist the buyer in removal with some of our crew. Scaffolding will be needed to get chests out. Only pipe damage appears to be the swell string basses that have collapsed and 2 are missing from bad metal and racking issues. Organ has not been releathered and is in original condition. Tonally the organ is typical for the builder and period. Removal from the sanctuary there are about 10 steps down to the ground from the front door.

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