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Pro Cinema (SOLD)


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All are now spoken for. May have a few more later, if so will post here.

The below Pro cinema surround speakers are available for pick up in
Nashville TN, no shipping. They are from an IMAX theater in Nashville.

KPT-200 (10) Available $125 ea Mounts included.

KPT-100 (40) Available $60 ea if 6 or more taken $65 if 4 and $75 if less Mounts included.

speakers have some scratches but look good when repainted using a brush
with paint I will give you details on. They are functionally in very good

Package deal for all possible.

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I picked up a pair of the hunerds from the first road trip sale (through a circuitous route) and use them out on the patio. Wish I had bought a few on the first offering and would like a couple of pair of the 200s if there were a way to get them to S. Tx. so if any one is making a road trip..........

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So flood speakers from Opry Mills? I am sure they were high on the wall though and bet you got a GREAT deal on them.

I gutted 4 of them once I got them. There was absolutely no sign of water damage in any of the cabinets.


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If there was no flood damage to any of the speakers, I'm not sure the seller needed to disclose where he purchased them from, even if the building they were in was flooded. If he got a great buy or if they gave them to him, he's still selling them at a great price. If the building had burned, that would be a different story since the speakers would have been effected by the smoke.

Just my 2 cents and my opinion only. [;)]

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I haven't harmed your sales, as you said in your email, by what I said. Your sales depend on the product you have to offer and the demand for it. You do have a great product to offer and people will see it as such and purchase it if it meets their needs or wants. Full disclosure was the only reason I posted in the first place.

The "full disclosure" that you seem to desire would likely be, in part, incorrect.

It is true that the speakers came out of the theater. I was told by the gentleman selling the speakers on behalf of the theater that the speakers and other items were removed from the theater BEFORE the flood and were placed in storage away from the flood risk.

I, and others on this forum, have purchased scores of these speakers, as well as KPT-904s and KPT-684s (all from the theater) from rigma at very friendly prices. The total speaker count has to be well into triple digits. None of the speakers showed any sign of exposure to moisture/water. The cabinets were scuffed a bit from hurried handling, but that was easily remedied with a fresh coat of paint. I, and others, made multiple "pony express" trips with large trailers to get all the speakers back to other parts of the country for distribution to lucky buyers as far west as Denver, as for south as Houston and others on to the east coast. ALL of the speakers function perfectly and all of the buyers have been more than satisfied with the great deal rigma offered.

I know rigma well. He is a man of integrity. There should be no concern on anyone's part about the purchase of these speakers. In fact, I'm trying to figure out a schedule to travel to rigma's to buy more.

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