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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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17 minutes ago, babadono said:

I have a tankless WH albeit propane powered. Don't know what the manufacturer calls out for maintenance on the Eco Smart but what ever it might be make sure it gets done. Mine leaked all over the basement floor ruining a few items(fortunately not the KHorns or Lascalas) we were storing in the utility room. When I called up the company rep he said "have you been doing the maintenance?" I said WTF you talking 'bout? He said you have to run vinegar or CLR through it once a year. I said who the F does that? He said I bet you will now! He was right, as a matter of fact that's going to be one of my indoor chores this rainy weekend.

Yea and your water sucks.  I'll bet with the ammount of calcium you have, everything that has water going through it us suspect.  I hate that for you.

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15 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

I would love tankless but haven't heard much good about the electric ones.  Perhaps in a new construction a tankless starter, amplified with a tankless point of dispensing would work?

We'll see.  I'm just installing what he's buying.

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Evening gang


Just started Raining yet again.

Took the wife to Outback, Meh, she agrees.

Coffee/Ginger cookies, found a new choc ice cream, just what i need :rolleyes:


Foam touch-up setting up on cabinet door project.

Hardware shopping the Bay/Amazon.

Cold/Wet Winter evening, but Hey, it's Friday night eh?


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Morning gang


40 and wind.

I see here local news drama is covering a capitol protest of some kind.

One thing we can count on living within broadcast range of a state capitol, Any nut with a piece of cardboard and a felt marker can be on the daily news.


Sausage gravy/biscuits is an interesting thing to wake up to, i wonder what she wants?

Wind is said to be bringing in another storm.


Coffee time.


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Sorry Carl about the daughter's car....  But,  there is a nice system at body shops to take them out, I have seen the results first hand on my office manager's brand new CRV (first week she got it!)  when an overhead hose coupling on a vacuum at the local carwash let go!  It landed on her hood, made a good dent, but DIDN'T break the paint, which I am sure the hail will not............it came back as if there was never anything there!  I think they use liquid nitrogen to contract the metal ?  :unsure:

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On 1/20/2017 at 4:42 PM, CECAA850 said:

Copper piping throughout with lead free solder and water soluble flux.  Water hammer arrestors on all the fixtures. 


The only time I would use pex is if there was a chance the lines would be exposed to freezing temperatures but there's no chance here.  Guys that do it for a living like it because it's fast but we've got plenty of time.  

I use PEX anytime I can. The problem I see with PEX is that it should only be installed with the expansion tools and not crimped. The wonderful thing about PEX is the chemical structure memory os the stuff. Not matter what it expands or contracts to, it will return to the size it was made. If using the expansion fittings, it is constantly trying to return to the original ID. This means it is continually contracting against the fitting. Even with oxygen barrier PEX, I like to use plastic fittings to prevent the destruction of the PEX caused by metal ions.

When I managed a bleach manufacturing facility, PEX was the only material of construction that could withstand the pressures and temperatures of the process. Still changed all the piping annually, but that beat every three months with the best piping from other materials.

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