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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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39 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

There's something seriously wrong with you.  That's probably why we get along.  Picture sent.

just remember that there's a short list in what's right with me..

and the wrong list will reach to China ..

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Afternoon gang


CeC (#2) has the right idea today. BBQ:emotion-21:


Farmer never got out of bed, so i had a short visit / task.

Worked over s 2'square area of metalflake / gelcoat, and yep, it can be as new.

Told the farmer i would Eval the finish so his bodyworker bud's dont ream him for a new finish.

15Min and my 2' looked like new.


Time for a drink or two:emotion-46::emotion-46::emotion-21:




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afternoon gang


puttin around home projects.

Installed the "New" pressure washer Unloader / Regulator assy on the Honda 11Hp.

Freebie from the farmers when pressure dropped from 3000+ to maybe 500 Psi.


Really want to run it, but iv NOTHING to wash, cannot think of a damm thing that needs it.






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