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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Mid to upper 60's today.  Nice sunny day so far.  Tomorrow is another story.  Upper 40's for 3 days or so. 


Unzipped a few new lp's yesterday and decided to put a few other's away un-opened.  Yea, it works.  Just found a Yellow Submarine sealed lp I put away when it came out.  Had 1 that I played and found 2 other new ones.  Sure I un-zipped it.  Sounded great after all these years.  :)


Might just have to throw some brats on later today.  Make some freezer space for that quarter of angus I've got coming.   


Guess I don't have to wonder about Bama and their #1 spot anymore. On any given day applies.  :)  



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1 hour ago, grasshopper said:

I'm feeling good. No particular reason why... Not complaining

Back is much better thanks, but darn going on two weeks now...


Hey as long as you're feeling good?


Drive it like a rental ! :cool:

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Trip to the burn clinic today.  Back in two weeks now.  It's healing, which amazes me.  Told my oldest daughter it might be healed by summer and heard her groan & whine a bit.  She's been changing the dressings daily and it's starting to tax her a bit.  She'll survive.  Me?  I dunno.  😂


Could be the last nice weekend if the temps hit the 70's like "they" say they will.  A lil ballin and the TV works for me.  Could break out the grill but that sounds like work.  Maybe though.  Worthlessness is a good thing w/me.   :)




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OH OH @Dave1291  what happend with us old dj´s 😂 Hope that our best time are still in front of us .......and not gone allready



Now I am back home again . After 2 weeks in the hospital I was really missing my wife and children. I enjoy these hours very much , a dinner for four after a long time. My son and I played poker , checkers and backgammon . We had an incredible time. Unfortunately, the headaches are still very strong so I have to take strong medication. I can not tolerate loud noises. Quiet music is not a problem. Hope very much that it will be better in the next few weeks.


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We had a chili cook off at church this afternoon.

I didn’t cook anything, just bought tickets and showed up to eat some chili.


The chili that won was some pretty standard ground beef and beans style, nothing too adventurous.

There was a chicken chili that I REALLY liked.

It turned out my friends wife had made it and she let us take all the leftovers home.

We also got a ziploc full of the winning ground beef chili.

looks like I won’t be cooking for a day or two.


After we got home I made some progress on a project for the church.

we are building a new altar rail using some vintage pieces, turned balusters and a cherry rail, etc.

We don’t have enough of the cherry rail to complete the whole thing so I had volunteered to cut new molding and a cap out of cherry to match.

The tricky part is done now and I just have some hand work and the mitered corners to cut once I get the final measurements from the other parts.

Oh, and lots of sanding and finishing.






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Lit my "campfire" this AM. Isn't cold out.... one of those days where it doesn't improve after sunrise. I'll have coals to work with tonight.  Being lazy ... coals are much easier to build a fire with.


At a friend's request, I am going to visit his wife today. 

No... nothing exciting. She is unsteady on her feet and he has a Dr appt. She's staying home.


Boy is moving... sorta... and not immediately. Got a caretaking offer. 3BR, 2 bath house on 160 acres --- off the grid ... or was, last I knew.. A lot of responsibility ... and his first place of his own. I expect many "How do you fix a..." calls. I haven't talked to him about what all he has to take care of. It may not be what I think. When I say "sorta moving"... this place is furnished. We'll see how much stuff goes. I bet the Sportster stays here.

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