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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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11 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

HA! Hope I NEVER have any earl grey put in front of me again!


Luzianne, Luzianne, Luzianne, Luzianne, Luzianne, Luzianne,

Got about that many boxes in my pantry... good `till `26

I´n not an englishman , they love earl grey , I pefer chai teas from india , they taste exotic delicious and they are very positive stimulating 



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I made some that was a little weak a while back. Then I made some that really woke me up and remembered, 1 tbsp for each 7 oz of water is as weak as I'll make ever again. Hadn't realized I've been logged in all afternoon and it's almost 8 pm now.


See Ya HA HA!

(That was in a song played over and over again at the Disney Polynesian Hotel back in the mid 90s when I re-stained, scraped lots of metal, Ospho-ed and painted for a year.) They had muzak with music from those islands and see-ya-ha-ha was part of the chorus of one tune!


A Sikorsky Sky Crane was there for a week or so, we had to bail to the parking lot while they brought the new roofing in! Awesome..  now used that word three times in this decade :sad:


If you Jersey-guys are here, give me a scream! The V-65 Magna is gone!

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Not as bad as last week

Friday was only one day early. I thought it was Friday yesterday.... all day


the sunset was different last night. We got to see Musk putting junk into the sky. The "launch" was visible from here. 

We get to, and have been able to see launches for a long time. We used to see missiles go up when I was a kid. It's a lot spookier when you're a teenager, sitting in the desert, all buzzed up.... seeing odd lights in the sky.  We would see satellites passing over, too. 


when I was a kid ... town was about  2 square blocks, surrounded by desert. We spent a lot of time "in the desert"

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1 hour ago, Marvel said:

I love Earl Grey tea, but it requires sugar, and I rarely use sugar now.


I drink a green tea/maté that is really good and gives you energy. Yerba mate comes from south america.

I agree on the sugar, I cut back on it just like salt. Like green tea also, just not often.

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3 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

Hmmmmm, George???




We´re experts in senseless word combinations  😂 some examples .....




No. 1 means Land Transaction Permit Jurisdiction Transfer Ordinance


No.2 means : Beef etiquette monitoring task transmission act


No.3 means : Traffic Infrastructure Financing Association


No.4 means : Equilibrium density gradient centrifugation


No. 5 means: Electricity Industry Organization Law


So..I´m asking WHY 🤔





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8 minutes ago, babadono said:

OMG I have Nazi speakers :D

Nazi as a nickname with devaluation. Ignatz was a common given name in southern Germany and Austria. Nazi was the cose form of Ignatz and at the same time had a pejorative meaning in the sense of stupid, embarrassing or clumsy. I imagine it to be like the first name Horst today, which is not only a first name, but is also used as an insult and swear word (ein Vollhorst, du Horst, was für ein Horst). In the First World War, the Germans called the soldiers from Austria-Hungary Nazis.


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