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Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

Thaddeus Smith

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Finally feeling human after about three weeks of family illness. Had and F0 tornado come through town the other night; my neighbor lost most of the roof on her barn (some of which landed 40 yes away in my field), but we came away with a few broken pots and one juniper tree split down the trunk (but far enough away from the house to not be a threat). Otherwise, we came away safe and protected.

I'll keep religion out of it, but all in all just lots of stupid stuff that causes me to pause and remember how immensely blessed and protected God keeps me and my family. Oops. ;)

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Great to hear Thaddeus, did you have to protect yourself in the house or were you sleeping and didn't know it went through?.....Never seen a tornado, just tornadoes over water "Water spouts" off the coast of Florida as a kid....so maybe, yes I have seen a tornado..... :wink:

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I was actually watching Twister on the ol' HT and it triggered the severe weather warnings for the county. No actual natural disaster existed. :P

(real answer: we were huddled in our downstairs closet that houses all of my racked HT gear, water heater, and camping supplies. Morgan(wife) and I were super calm, and as a result so was our 2 yr old. It wasn't quite the "freight train" sound associated with higher rated tornadoes but we definitely could hear the high winds and all of the rain/hail slamming against our sliding glass door that gives access out to the deck.)

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I have a friend that is blind, he has been a drummer for most of his life about a year ago he decided to give up his DW kit and went with the Roland td30 10 piece kit

He has found it to difficult to navigate the brain and wants to go back to an acoustic kit

As he is Blind I often help him sale his gear, and since I felt this was a great deal for a 6000.00 and up kit I wanted to offer it here

Bob has used the kit sparingly and it was set up in his basement and never moved so is in like new condition

He will sell at FIRM price of 3000.00 plus shipping, I will be handling the shipping and the sale for bob, any questions please PM or email Me


pictures? or is this a "sight unseen" sale?
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Now the PA80 is also humming, but the B&K is not. It is raining out and very humid. Perhaps the humidity is causing more tracking on the sub-transmission lines at the edge of my property, I will call the utility and ask them to check their lines.

Called NYSEG. They are going to have someone calm the lines next week.

power line interference.gifpower line interference.gifpower line interference.gif

Such a well-behaved and informative thread over there, but just how will NYSEG get those lines to stop???

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