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Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

Thaddeus Smith

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Chief Joseph

Nez Perce leader

"A powerful orator and advocate for his people's right to remain on their homelands in Oregon's Wallowa Valley, Chief Joseph is best known for leading his people on an epic four month long flight toward freedom through some of the most difficult terrain in the American west.  In 1877, Chief Joseph's people were given 30 days notice to relocate to an Idaho reservation----an order precipitated by the Nez Perce War, in which Chief Joseph led 300 warriors and 500 women and children in a guerrilla campaign that eluded pursuing US troops over 1300 miles.  Hungry, cold, and outnumbered, the Nez Perce surrendered, 40 miles shy of the Canadian border and freedom.  After being held prisoner in Kansas---where five of his children died of disease---Chief Joseph became a tireless and well-publicized champion for his people's right to return to their homelands.  Chief Joseph was never allowed to return home.  He died in 1904 at the Colville Reservation, in Washington State."

Heinmot Tooyalakekt   1841-1904.

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That makes no sense.  We have always been economically successful, usually more than somewhat, no matter who is the MIC.  As you know, if you have paid attention, the MIC doesn't really have anything much to do with the economy anyway.  The flakes are the ones who can't handle the knit ones.  Try again.

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Crap...I forgot what I was gonna say. Damn it to hell...


Oh I remember now...

I wish I could walk in your office, say I'm firing your a$$ because you suck at all that you do and so does your family.

I'd pull your a$$ out by your hair, throw you to the street where you belong. You lost everything you built and so has your family.

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Here is another winner, at least she was just cought shoplifting from wallyworld, but then she was searched and they found a needle and meth, who would have thought ? :huh:


Maby she and the other girl/ thing belong together, they would make a nice couple ?


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