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Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

Thaddeus Smith

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22 hours ago, oldtimer said:

Boomers are afraid of themselves, and kids can't be kids anymore.  Ironic since it wasn't how they grew up.




This has CRAP all over it, caught this on tv news this morning...WTF is wrong with folks today...folks are making kids afraid to be on their own....An 8 year old can't walk a dog by themselves???? WTF.....


My typical kid life from 7 years old, weekends, Holidays and when school is out....


Eat breakfast

Get out of sleep ware

Get into play clothes

Go outside and play "usually by 9:00am" till lunch at 12:00.

Come in and eat lunch.

Go back out to play till Pops comes home around 4:30pm. This meant be around the house to greet Pops when he gets home from work.

Eat Dinner at 5:00.

After dinner go back out to play till the street lights come on.

Come in, take a bath if you stink that bad., put sleep ware back on and ready for bead.



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There has only been one other MIC with "ville" attached to the back of his name.  Hoovervilles I think they called them.  So someone is either psychic (I hope not) or an ignoramus.  Which is it bro?


Just to let you know, I never said a word to anyone, nor felt offended.

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