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35 minutes ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

Yeah, right. Any excuse to not prove you have CF3s.  :P


The picture(s) have to be less than 2MB. If the picture is more than 2MB, you'll have to resize it. You can post them one at a time if less than 2MB individually. 

Thanks for the help bud….i resized them so here ya go. 😊


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On 1/23/2024 at 12:13 PM, StarCrunch13 said:

I just tried to add some pics and it will not allow me to for some reason. Is there an easier way to add pics? This site must be an older format in need up updating. 


Try the image hosting site in my signature below.  You can upload as many pics as you like, regardless of size or amount.

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Found! Grills for Epic CF-4. Details on post in Garage Sale. Thanks everyone!


Most owners of Klipsch Epic CF-4 speakers are probably running them without grills, and I'm hoping someone out there will agree to sell me their grills!


Why? There's no way I can convince my wife that my Epic CF-4 speakers are living-room-ready without grills to cover the exposed cones, and this particular pair lost their grills long ago.


I realize this may be futile. Others have tried and failed, but I've gotta try anyway! Please help a Klipsch brother out and sell me your grills! Even if the price would be impractical, I'm willing to talk about it.


Thanks all,



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I am a new owner of a pair of CF4’s (v2 or 3 1995 with short ports ) and CF3’s (v3 1996). I think I got a fair deal for them. Both are Cherry.  One of the the CF3s back boards adhesive failed is loose but the speakers works.  Is standard wood glue recommended to fix it?  Gorilla glue? Epoxy?


I am using the working CF3 as my center channel.  Considering that there are usually two people watching a movie or whatever sitting on each end of the couch.  After I fix the other CF3… I was wondering instead of having one main listening position, I could hook up the two CF3’s in parallel (or alternatively duplicate the center channel and give each speaker it’s own channel on an amp) and space them out just wide enough to be directly in front of the two outside seats.  With the left right channels about 4.5 ft wider than each cf3. I know they should not be right next to each other, nor should the be stacked as there are technical verbiage’s that I can’t recall at the moment.


I paid $500 for the CF4’s and $400 for the CF3’s.  The owner also had a set of each in black that he was keeping for himself.  His father passed away and he had a room of Klipsch speakers in storage.  




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1 hour ago, smarty mcfly said:

One of the the CF3s back boards adhesive failed is loose but the speakers works.  Is standard wood glue recommended to fix it?  Gorilla glue? Epoxy?

Welcome to the forum

Generally, it is not good to use regular wood glue on cured glue. I used some glue that is okay to use on other glues and such. I will try to find out what it is. 

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The speaker terminal on of them was loose and I removed it and while doing so I started measuring the ohms.  On CF4’s, with the connecting posts for the binding posts terminals removed.  The LF on one speaker is 2x the other.  First one is around 5ohm and the other around 10ohms.  So I removed the subs to see if one of them has an issue.  All four of them measured just under 8 ohms.   Is there something common on the crossovers that needs to be repaired and would cause the ohms on one when the LF speakers connect and I check via binding posts?

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