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29 minutes ago, RichardChiefRitz said:

Can I use Klipsch KG-5.5 woofers to replace the woofers of the Klipsch Epic CF-3 woofers? My Epic 3 woofers are damaged and want to get it working as I can't find a place to fix them. Please let me know.  Thanks in advance.

Guess Simply Speakers may have a reconed kit or repair them themselves.


C-3  K-1030-KN 10" (25.4cm) Poly carbon graphite cones 


5.5  K-1023-K  10 inch 


Look about the same but, wish could say.






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@billybob    @RichardChiefRitz   There was nothing on their site that I saw.  These woofers are pretty much unobtanium for the CF-3 and 4 unless a person just happens to luck out on e b a y or something.  I'm glad I have a spare woofer and 2 spare K-64's (or K-63?) just in case.


The CF-3 woofers are neo magnet woofers and the others are regular magnets.  Not sure how well they would work but worth a try.  That's the worst part about the CF-3 and CF-4 is there are no parts available and why I sometimes debate on buying some new speakers of some sort.  lol



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Finally got REW running enough to get some info on the CF2s. 

First, the good: Spectrogram looks awesome, totally straight line above the room's Schroeder frequency (and then the bass reflex runs an 80ms delay, but 'twas ever thus.

The not-so-great: My CF2's have always seemed a bit 'midrangey' and lacking in treble.  Well, there it is on the sweep; 6dB/octave roll-off above  above  ~3.5KHz.  It really seems like that should have been taken care of in the crossover, the first high-pass breakpoint is above 10KHz.  That should trade horn efficiency for CD compensation, right?  Not sure how to fix that without going active (not really an option).  3dB boost autoformers like the CF3 & CF4?   My Marantz receiver isn't new enough to be able to log into it's Audacity instance and start messing around in there.

I don't really trust the gray Excess Phase line with my set-up, but at least the trend is straight...


Anyways, I had fun.

Edit/Addendum:  re-ran the Marantz AVR's Audyssey correction with every mic position I could give it, frequency is much more flat now.  I like it when the easy option happens.


CF2 Spectro1.PNG

CF2 sweep1.PNG

CF2 Spectro1a.PNG

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On 10/4/2020 at 3:28 PM, _rod_serling_ said:

I cannot imagine 300 Mac watts into each of 5 CF3s not instantly rupturing your eardrums lol.

LOL - well, big changes in the last 8 years - for one thing, I'm married now - still have my system but the wifey would kill me if I blasted it all that often, so it's very rare I use anywhere near the potential of the gear. 

I did, prior to marriage enjoy testing  the system once in a while and seeing the meters max out with with Mercury's Living Presence 1812 Overture CD cannon fire (much more dynamic, IMHO, than the Telarc version)   However, to do so I would wear my hearing protection -  you couldn't stay in the room with it.   LOL  

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I wonder if all of the woofers that  got bolted in are crooked.  That would drive me nuts....like no attention to a small detail.  Was it that difficult to line them up from the factory?  Or did someone else move them around because the existing screw holes were jacked up.... 


Or, is it all an illusion....


Great speakers, though!

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