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Minimum Speaker wire AWG I can get away with....


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There's nothing wrong with buying "quality". Discrimination is good. It's how we determine what we like or dislike.


I'll go on record admitting that I recently spent the extra money on some Monster banana connectors for the HT. Why? Because they are of better quality than the POS Rocketfish connectors that Best Buy also sells. Why do I think the Rockefish connectors are a POS? Because I've bought them. The speaker wires are easily pulled out of the connector. Do I need banana plugs to connect the speaker wire to the receiver & speaker? No. It's just a matter of convenience and safety (speaker wire not being able to be easily pulled out and shorting something).


OTOH, as with all things, there is a point of diminishing returns. And that's the trap hi-end audio (now dubbed luxury audio) has created.


If you like what you buy and it gives you enjoyment regardless of the cost, that's great. (for you)


Quite frankly, I'd rather be the guy in the derelict 1948 Buick Super (ie: Klipschorn) ROTFLMAO that blows the doors off a $1M+ Bugatti Veyron (pick your high-end poison).




Keep in mind, neither are "inexpensive".

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I want some cables that have some balls to em ...

that is all I was trying to say.  You my friend, "MKP", summed it all up in one little, well worded, sentence :D



If you want cables that have some balls to them you need to install these on your cables.




With enough of them, they could double as cable elevators and that in turn should of course double the sound quality. But if the balls cost you 10x what the cable did then it would sound 10x as good. If the balls only cost you 50% of what the speaker cable did, then you'll only be able to get a 50% improvement.


See, isn't audio improvement easy? It's all math.

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You would not be able to tell any difference between 18 gauge zip-cord and welding cable at 10 feet, 20 feet or more.  You can buy a lot of music with the money saved.


Of course, whatever you get needs to be suspended on little wooden supports and you need to hold your tongue a certain way to get the right air and maximum separation between the instruments.  PWK used 18 AWG zip-cord inside Heritage for decades. :-)  Buy more music!

I agree. Save money and buy music! Been using old coat hangers for years. (the painted ones only)


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When I was a kid, being of Ukrainian Greek Orthodox heritage, my Parents would have the Priest come the the house annually to I guess "bless" it.


Walking through all the rooms chanting, singing, and shaking a Holy Water wand thing.


I still believe, but not in that.


Anyway,    Lars


I have heard the above, can improve SQ.

May want to consider that.

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I would venture to say 22-24awg would be as thin as if ever go.

Most Bose systems seem to use doorbell wire.

I prefer the "look" of thicker wire dressed up a little bit. It doesn't look so out of place next to the beauty of my Loudspeakers. I like the bulk of 12awg. It makes the speakers look menacing.. Like they NEED power.

Otherwise, with 22awg which I bet I could get away with- it looks like some macho dude at the gym who never has a 'Leg Day.' It just looks... Off.

(Actually did these wires today. Not bad. $60 to do 5 cables, 1 meter each. And I have enough left over to dress up the wires in my a/v rack. Money well spent!)


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Woow did this thread blow up! Lots of input and laughs...thanks guys ;). Some might be wondering why I asked this in the first place? Ease of concealment :)...too thick and I can't hide it...too thin and performance suffers. Besides, I don't believe it would be a necessity to use super-thick gauge wire with an AVR anyway...true?

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