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Bought some new toys...Heresy III and RT-12D.


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Thanks Tas.  I LOVE the cherry finish.  I've always been fond of it.  The Heresy III have a dark, beautiful finish.  I've only seen / heard one or two pair of Heresy's over the years (version I or II) and I totally forgot how small they were.  I just remember they lack a lot in the bottom end but the RT-12D should have no problem helping them out. 


Oh there's always a story when I buy some new toys.  :D 

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1 hour ago, Tasdom said:

Would be interesting to put them on a couple of ladders and A/B against the RS-62's. Wonder if they would blend better with the trio up front?

:P I love to instigate...


Oh that's just wrong...so wrong.  LOL.  I'm not sure there is a way to make them look even remotely descent on my walls.  That would be cool though.

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Thanks Chris.  I love the look of the RT-12D.  I used to have these two RT-10D in Cherry










They looked gorgeous!  They also sounded great but as I shared in this Dual RT-10D vs RSW-15 Thread, the RSW-15 outperformed the Dual RT-10D so I kept it and eventually purchased 3 more RSW-15's. 


The one thing that I noticed about the RT-10D is that they "walked" on hardwood floor.  I'm hoping with the added weight of the RT-12D, it will not move.


I asked the wife to wake me up this morning when she got up.  I figured while she was at the gym, I could get some good quality listening in.  I didn't realize her gym apt isn't until 11am. 

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Thanks bro.  So far, I've listened to the HIII without the sub.  They sound VERY nice but definitely need a sub.  I'm going to listen to them with a totally open mind and truly seek which sounds better for 2ch in MY living room.  When I had the RF-83's I wonder if my opinion was somewhat bias towards the RF-83 as they were my first high end Klipsch speakers and they were brand new.  It's difficult to consider selling them and keeping a used pair of speakers.  They were my "first love" in audio so to speak.


I know I can't keep both.  If the Heresy's end up sounding better for music, I will give my son the RF-7ii to match his RC-64ii and sell his RF-7's.  I know he has always said I should have given him the RF-7ii.  LOL



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Oh my, these Heresy III's have really surprised me. They indeed sound fantastic for 2ch.   I just started a free trial of Spotify Premium to help me hear specific songs. Back to listening....

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Ok, so I spent an hour or so doing some A/B comparison.  As I've always stated, I am in no way an audiophile, merely an audio hobbyist and I do not consider myself to have what others call "critical ears".  With that said, here are the notes I took during my first listening session from the Heresy III vs RF7ii.


Most of the songs below I would listen to the through to the first chorus and then switch speakers.  I meant to A/B without the RT-12D but I didn't realize it was on until after the first few songs.  I believe I turned the sub off before listening to Tracy Chapman - Fast Car.

Sia - Chandalier (Piano Version)

Heresy sound amazing!  Vocals were rich, highs were detailed without being too bright.  Nice soundstage and overall presence.

RF7ii were more enveloping with equal amount of detail.


Edwin McCain - I Could Not Ask for More

Heresy - Loved how rich the guitar was at the beginning.  



Edwin McCain - I'll Be

Loved how the sax sounded with Heresy over the RF7ii

Bass from acoustic guitar is almost non-existent with the Heresy III.  Nice and full with RF7ii


Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

Hi hat at beginning is much more detailed and pronounced in the RF7ii than with the Heresys

Voice sounds more natural in RF7ii than Heresys.

Bass line of course is rich, full and has some punch with the RF7's but the Heresy sounds descent, not anemic in the bottom end.

RF7 were more full and enveloping, Heresy sounded small and much less forward

No comparison here, RF7ii is the clear overall winner in this track in every aspect



Stay (with Alessia Carr) - Zedd

Snare Drum is soft and laid back

Bass notes at the beginning of the track are well below the capability of the Heresys.  Instrumental just before the second verse the bass is much better.  You can hear it but definitely not felt or punchy.

RF7ii has a more full sound.  Snare is more defined and up front.

Again clear winner with the RF7ii.


Happier - Ed Sheeran

Vocals sound too deep with Heresys.  Vocals sound more natural with RF7ii



Million Reasons - Lady Gaga

Heresys are more laid back where RF7ii are brighter, and more detailed and precise



Malibu - Miley Cyrus

Electric guitar and vocals were a bit bright and too forward on RF7ii, Heresys sounded better to my ears as they were a bit more laid back.



I chose these songs to try and get a variety of elements I could listen for (male vocals, female vocals, drums, guitar, etc).



I have to say, Spotify Premium is AMAZING!  I never realized how useful it is to be able to search for any track and play it vs the Free Version that only allows you to skip songs.  To me the audio quality sounded better as well.  Not sure if my brain was telling me it sounded better because I know the Premium has a higher bitrate.



If there are some songs you feel are great demo songs, let me know the Artist and Title and I'll do some A/B comparison, and share my thoughts on it.

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