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Lava lamps WHAT is the current latest and greatest?

MEH Synergy

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14 hours ago, Westcoastdrums said:

After working in the studio in the past, I want to vibe my place out little by little.   I LOVE lava lamps.   What is the latest and greatest?   Ideally I want something LARGE that can be left on 24/7. Energy saver/ LED is a plus.  Help me out.  Thanks.   

Along with your lava lamps, some strategically placed salt lamps, also add a nice visual vibe to a room. they come in sizes from a few pounds to over a 100 pounds, if you want to go big. These can easily be left on 24/7 if desired. 



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No your good... do what you like. A candelabra or a globe with candle makes a good eyepiece to reflect upon the shadow created with placement of course. Taking it retro with a wall effect behind the lave lamp yields some interesting shadows for those with interests. Similar to an old school overhead projector light show, complete with eyedropper. Cool!

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3 minutes ago, Westcoastdrums said:

I'm all down for the LSD, just has to be a very special occasion.  Normally for years now, no drugs.  Btw, ecstasy KILLS lsd.   Not that I know.. 

I’d only be able to find a Lava Lamp and the bourbon. 😀 Actually, we do have a couple of the salt lamps. I like those too.  A pyramid shaped one sits on my liquor cabinet.  

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