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Lava lamps WHAT is the current latest and greatest?

MEH Synergy

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Interesting, being Stateside rarely realize there is another world out there.


Differences between

Target   and    Mathmos Lava lamp:


$25                 $88.50  or  &75

14.5"                16.9"

25W incadescent      28W Halogen bulb

Few colors       More color choices

China               U.K.


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Yep they don't sell to the USA directly now. Guess they'd have to include the kit to make it work with our AC!!

Get one of those from ebay you have to convert it yourself also after the purchase and shipment over here!

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4 hours ago, Racer X said:

Interesting, and neither the Target nor Mathmos come with needed wire upgrades:  $9 dimmer, $4 electrical box for dimmer, $12 extension cord.   Another $25 towards my $25 original purchase. 



Use an inline dimmer. Play with it until you find your lamp's 'happy' spot and then leave it forever

or mark the dial. Lamp will be slower to warm up but you can crank it for for 15-20 min and then return to your mark.


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On 9/9/2020 at 8:06 AM, rplace said:



Has anyone had luck with the sites that tell you how to refresh your LL? Mine 2nd one is cloudy and while the lava moves it turns in to tiny blobs after a start up of long strands that looks like Silly String. Nothing like my original or my sisters from 60/70. I really want to get mine back to perfection, but don't want to ruin it or make it worse than it already is. Since I make my own beer I have a bottle capper so no problem sealing it back up.


Fix a cloudy one http://www.moltenmeditation.com/lava-lamps.html



That's the site I used. This one needed repair after being shaken to pieces being moved to Baja. The wax broke from a relatively cohesive mass to chunks & tiny particles clouding the "water." Opening the cap was out biggest issue, but after that it was straight forward but time consuming. After operating the light for several days the wax mostly became cohesive, but not be quite as fluid as before and the shapes not quite so "bloby." At least that was my experience and its still operates 3 years later with the "water" clear.


BTW, I put quotes on water because I am confident the fluid is not merely distilled water. I think there is an emulsifier additive other than dishwashing liquid.

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