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FOUND!!! PLEASE DELETE!!! Looking for one of these models vintage stereo receivers


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Looking for a vintage receiver one of these models :

Sansui 5000x 

Sansui 7070

Sansui 881

Harman Kardon 730 twin 

Harman Kardon 930 twin 


I live in Chicago area, but willing to drive about 100 miles away. 



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I know of a sansui 5500 stereo receiver available here locally to me, though I don’t know what condition as far as operation or the price being asked.  Cosmetically it looks good. If you would like me to investigate further/get pics let me know as I will be able to have it in front of me tomorrow while I’m picking up some subs. I can check function and ask about what they’re looking to get for it and send you some pics if you might be interested. If you find it will cover your needs I can get you in touch with the owner, I’m pretty sure he would ship. 

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On 1/23/2020 at 10:19 PM, Randyh said:

I would stick with the Sansui -----------


On 1/23/2020 at 10:22 PM, jimjimbo said:

I would stick with the HK…



I would buy both so that I could AB them at the same time using the same source and same speakers. After some time listening, I would make a decision based on what I heard to let one go. Then I would second guess that and try different speakers and different sources and keep the one I liked. Then I would wonder if one receiver was refreshed and the other not, and that might be why I liked one over the other. Knowing what seller's remorse is like, I would shelf one to be refreshed some day, that day keeps getting pushed out.


To help further any confusion, you might try a Marantz or two too. If you can score one, a Sansui Eight Deluxe is held in high regard. Also, there are some Luxman and.....


I have had and still have several Sansui, HK730, Marantz, Luxman and... I like them and get to use them in different systems. It's all about the journey and not having tried several things, I might be listening to Bose and think it sounds good. 

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