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Consider yourselves "liked."  Sooooo, ya did a thing w/o me?  hahaha  Handled it quite nicely too I might add!  :)


A one hit wonder sold 5 mil copies from a bunch of guys from about 8 miles away.  I knew them all quite well and survived kinda.  😂Jamie Lyons on vocals was a great guy and things just clicked well for them when the song broke.  Jamie was Ohio's answer to Mick when he walked out on stage.  Just did things his way instead of the Stones way.  '67 WAS the summer of love!




Then later THIS happened when they liked it so much they decided to cover it.  It also meshed perfectly with their sound and Tom Petty liked it so well he started covering it too while touring.  EVERY kid in this area knew that thump, thump, thump of that bass line.  hahaha  When it was played the dance floor was instantly packed.  BOOM!  



Just another day...  :) 

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I have a couple pieces of DAW (digital audio workstation) software, that I occasionally use to record friends. Most would know the name ProTools, but there are a lot of different ones out there, some very expensive, some not so much. Some are free. The one I have and like is Harrison Mixbus 32C, which is based on the mostly open source Ardour.


ANyway, on teh Harrison forums is a page were folks can post links to mixes/work they have done using Mixbus. They are interesting to check out. One of them, done by a man in Europe, entered a contest where you could download ALL of the tracks for a song, and submit it. Here's the mix, "The seeds of your sorrow", by the band Spitting Ibex, a band from Vienna, Austria.


He put text on the screen to tell what he was doing in the mix. It really can give one an idea what gets done in the mixing...



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