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The early 90s were so much better than...

This was new and in your face then!

Wasn't a raver but I had neighbors that were and... They did not believe in drawing the curtains. They were... except in between their ears was in an altered state.


FL is different.

Glad my relatives at the time were never over when they put on a show.


These two were the start of it!





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Discovered this a couple of days ago and I'm solidly meh on the song but damn the stage is absolutely iconic !

Mikasa (三笠) is a pre-dreadnought battleship built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) in the late 1890s. Named after Mount Mikasa in Nara, Japan, the ship served as the flagship of Vice Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō throughout the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–1905, vs Russian War!

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She's got that heavy metal growl down.

But darn it's kind of like one of those scary pre-school book readers that they're pushing now.


* HELP US Dee Snyder!

At least you knew who were!

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I present to you a track from 1969 

This band had no guitarist but 2 keyboard players and generally played on the same bill as Van Der Graaf and Genesis 


And they hold the honour of being the first band to be signed to the Mad Hatter Record  label 


The theme then and now has many similarities 


Rare Bird 



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Thinking I wanted to listen to some Zep... but newer. No not the kids with the one decent lp.

John Paul Jones w/...tude

Dave Grohl w/...tude

With the full of attitude Josh Hommes spinning the tales.


Not One bad rocker on this one



"Warsaw or the First Breath You Take..." is their most relentless, catchy, sharp? or is it slightly flat work here.

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This next song is from an old Australian movie - Stone 1974 

Yes I went to the cinema to see it 


Artist - Doug Parkinson 



On this next video it’s a little scene cameo to see what the movie is all about 




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