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Found out today after my appointment at the OSU Burn Clinic just HOW blue beat the Buckeyes so handily last year.  I KNEW they had inside info and the main suspect was a former Ohio State player that was hired by Michigan in the off season.  


Then the story broke this spring but not discussed until a final determination had been made by Ohio State.  It seems a former player was hired by a podcast/sports reporter covering the Buckeyes.  This reporter played dumb and the former player had to describe, in detail, how they were running both offense and defense.  Yup, the former violated his oath as a Buckeye and is going to be expelled from any association with OSU and the players now have him on blast.  The reporter still has his lil paper and podcasts.  So this year the staff had to change up everything on both sides of the ball.  


It'll be rolling out soon I'm sure.  I KNEW darn well they weren't good enough to beat us as handily as they did.  


Jimmy Olsen signing out.  :)


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15 hours ago, Full Range said:

OK everybody 

Time for a musical masterpiece 

Genesis Suppers Ready with preamble worms 🐛 




Old Michael walked past the pet shop, which was never open, into the park, which was never closed, and seen the park was very green and very clean and very smooth, he took off all his clothes and began to rub his body into the clean, wet, green grass. He accompanied himself with a little tune - it went like this." "Beneath the ground, the creatures below commonly to us as 'worms' interpreted the pitter-patter from above as rainfall. Rainfall means two things: mating, bath-time. They enjoyed both... simultaneously. Within seconds, the entire clean, green, smooth surface of the park was a mass of dirty, brown, writhing objects." "Old Michael continued to rub his flesh into the ground. This time he looked even happier and he whistled a little tune - it went like this.
This to us was perhaps Jerusalem Boogie. But to the birds it meant 'Supper is Ready
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