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It's gotten past the free AC stage here this evening! Had that a few weeks when the humidity was low, but closed up after the venison chili finished with cayenne/sans chili earlier. High in the 50s was very nice, but I've pulled out a blanket and set the old timey thermostat over to heat & turn on at 55. It's freezing the next two mornings for the first time this season.


Had Rare Earth serenading the hood while cooking earlier, Great Record:



just continued on from them winding down tonight!



Don't know their language, but easily recognize the feelings.

Heck I like the resonance in their recordings going through my den!




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3 minutes ago, billybob said:

With a DAC...

Meaning what?  You play it on a computer and use a DAC to go into the RCA inputs of a stereo?  If so, this seems to be a pretty low quality way of listening by today's standards.  I can play direct to my processor through the AppleTV YouTube app.  This way, I stay in the digital realm.  However, the bottleneck is still the compressed quality that YouTube gives us.  Am I missing something?

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With the rig I've set up in my "purgatory" it isn't as bad as you might assume.


Not like your KHorns :rolleyes: though @tragusa3 !!


Digital out to a mid range DAC, 100w/8ohms monos, baby Klipsch set up well with corners and an SVS sub from 46 down to 18hz.


Modern motherboards can put out some good sound! When I had to rebuild at the first of the year I got an Asus Crosshair 8 Dark Hero mb that is the basis for my sound. Rest is in my sig.


Better would be my stereo streaming with it's CXN through Heritage, but that's not set up now.


And yeah DACs can be opulently offensive dollar wise also.

Like >$5k from what I gathered from the Aqua site. They make Italian exotic DACs!









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With a decent internet connection 720 - 1440 can sound really good. Some 480p can also but it's in what was uploaded (the source) ALL the time. Sure you recognize that.

I can tell you it's not as good as my stereo.

It is way better than my first component stereo in 1980 though!


The particular DAC can and does make a difference.

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1 hour ago, tragusa3 said:

That looks intimidating.  But are you somehow improving the source?

When you've got KHorns and an LS in front Heresy in back and friggin knarley Danley?!?! Subs I was laughing at you saying my stuff was intimidating:P


Just havin fun your avatar reminded me of an lp A 80s RUSH LP Power Windows cover.


HUGE RUSH fan here of their 70s stuff. Got just a few after that:


They're cranking up (I see you MIKE)



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8 hours ago, tragusa3 said:

Are you guys running these videos through your stereo?  I don't know the technology very well, but this isn't lossless.  So what's the best way to stream in the best quality versions?  

Good to see you posting Tony . Still remember hanging out and having my guts turned inside out from your set up 👍

Couldn't care less about lossless audio it's all about content , drive and near field for me right now . 

If I post something here I'm into it and listening to it at the time . 

This tune isn't that great but the hook get's me going !


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