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Bear with me here, ticked at my football team for: p--- poor play calling, needing to dump their qb and generally play better ball. Even if Cade comes in in the second half and saves the game I might purge all my orange anyhow.






I'd recommend some rockin' prior to the game instead of the noise I hear out there a lot!

Maybe some bloody red meat too, ya know to grow some....

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19 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

ND 28 & Clemson 0 w/12 minutes left in the forth?  What's goin on Willis???  lolol  Heard how Dabo's therapy sessions are going by chance?    😂




*I don't think clemson should be in the top ten anymore.

But cfp --------- the sec so they will have to find a way to keep them in or explain how some one else is in there!

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1 hour ago, JohnJ said:

Not from me Paul.

Somewhere along the way I was domesticated.

The threads at the fan websites were burning up the last couple of hours here!

This photo was taken while watching TV

The show is on Netflix- Episode #1 Mr Mercedes 

I have read the book by the way 


It’s a T shirt photo of the wining team this weekend 

Ohio state Dave’s team 

@Dave1291 🤘


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Lots of winning teams this weekend. Like Dave's team all they had to do was show up and implement the game plan against an unranked or a competent team.


The Tigers??? Since they lost two outstanding coaches the problem with our head coach has been laid bare with last and this year marred by lame, vanilla play calling. See, with good talented players going aggressive within their abilities builds confidence that continues to build the team up as success happens. The cream should rise to the top. The coaches present haven't done their jobs.


Obviously we did not even show up yesterday. Don't want to say we were servile, but damn.

Now I think the transfer portal will decimate the talent and our window of opportunity has slammed shut and broke a lot of fingers.



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