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I'm moving through some changes
I'll never be the same
Something you did touched me
There's no one else to blame



I'm forcing them, IT WILL HAPPEN


Nobody move, there's blood on the floor

And I can't find my heart Where did it go? Did I leave it in the cold?

So please give it back, 'cause it's not yours to take

It must've fell when I lost my mind Deep in the cut, drowning in a pain

Somebody help, 'cause I can't find my way

Nobody move, nobody move


Not often the bass guitar is the main instrument in the music. funky!



Lots more out there, but that's enough!

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Coffee, dishes, laundry I forgot about. Drat!

How `bout some tunes. Going along with the CCC talk, kind of sort of relevant:



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*DDG + new chromium blocked my insert, turned it off
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Tomorrow will be busy for me, see ya when I get back! Something made me look to see if it was available. I had a lot of it on two cassettes when it played all weekend on one of the radio stations.


Recommend click to open at YT then open the info below to see all the artists playing and guests performing with them too. Start where you like.

Artists from the 60s to the 80s in this, several songs they did a big choral thing all together that's not bad. That way it won't take all day to hear what you like. Some of this is very good!


Were any of youse guys there in New Jersey that day?






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