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6 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

One HUGE financial success for the Stones in '89 was the Steel Wheels tour.  Yup, I survived 3 stops on that one.  Just crazy good w/everyone there.  :)

Funny you say this...I stood in line with a wristband, at 6am in the morning outside a Sears store to get 6 tickets. While we were waiting a car drove by that looked like it had Mick in it (It of course wasn't him) and someone in line joked, "hey it's Mick Jagger counting the money he's raking in and seeing what we have to go through to get tickets!" 😂


Cut to the concert--it was in Dallas and I had friends coming in from Little Rock to see it with me. I was excited because I was one of the first ones in line to get the tickets and thought we were going to get good seats...As we made our way high up into the stadium to the "cheap seats" (sic), behind a pole one of my friends exclaimed,  "This isn't the Steel Wheels Tour, it's the STEAL YOUR MONEY TOUR!" 😑 Yes, we still had a great time, but..

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4 hours ago, Zen Traveler said:

Yes, we still had a great time, but..

Those buts will get ya every time.  😂  Side stage in Cleveland,  maybe 10 rows back in Detroit then nose bleed to wrap it all up.  I just wanted to do it one time and take it alllll in.  Those guys just never disappoint.   It's only money right?  I love beans and wieners as a result.  lol  Steal your money tour?  Yea, but.   There's that but again.  :)

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16 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:


Blah...  Just gonna roll for a bit.  Pick n choose but most of all enjoy.  Just tunes poppin into my wittle head today.   :)





don´t follow randy.jpg.1a52bb1cef6ac8541edff231def4d5ab.jpg      😂



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