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19 hours ago, billybob said:

Slow so,:



f y i


Two, three, four
One, two, three
Well, there's nothing to it
Well, when I tell you the story
I'm used to it
It's not on TV.
Yes, she was young
Heart so pure and white
And every night has its price,
She says, "Sugar sweet,
Ya got me rappin' to the heat!"
I get it, she's hot,
She says, "Baby, you know
I miss my funky friends, "
She means Jack and Joe and Jill.
My radio understanding,
Yeah, That's good enough for a pinch,
I'm overthinkin' what she wants now.
I'll think it over
Her nose speaks for itself
While I'm still smoking,
She knows all about the Special Places,
I mean, she rides the subway, too.
There they sing:
"Don't turn around, look, look,
The inspector's going around!
He'll look at you
And you'll know why.
The love of life will kill you."
All right, Commissioner?
Hey man, wanna buy some stuff, man?
Did you ever rap that thing Jack?
So rap it to the beat!
We meet Jill and Joe
And his brother hip
And the rest of the cool gang
They rap to, they rap to
In between they scrape the walls
This case is clear
Dear Commissioner,
Even if they don't think so
The snow on which we all
Down the valley,
Every child knows today.
Now the children's song:
"Don't turn around, look, look,
The commissar is going around!
He has the power and we are small and stupid,
This frustration makes us dumb."
"Don't turn around, look, look,
The commissar is going around!
When he speaks to you
And you know why,
Tell him, 'Your life is killing you.'"


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That old record is gone now but it did survive my puppy chewing on it long ago one day!

Think I'll be headed to this within a couple months, ya know what? F'it I won't care at all, I'll be outta here!

I'm chompin' at the bit lately




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@dirtmudd Did you see that vid of the Russian guy at the beach this week ? :emotion-41:



"They" scrubbed it from the www. Saw it two days ago, when it started his head seemed alert and moving, after the next hit he was in shock, then it went on for another thirty seconds and wasn't pretty. I won't mention that except... no screams from the very close beach???

Guess they are numb to carnage over there.

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I'm being worthless and it's been forever.  I can remember spending hours growing and listening to this guy almost every night in a friends bedroom.  He had the first couple lp's Bob put out and I was totally into him.  So we sat and listened.  He sang and I was learning the words to all of his songs.  He never made it home from Nam and I couldn't listen to Dylan w/o thinking of him.  A doctor's son, intelligent and understood exactly what Dylan was saying while I was still getting a grip on him. So I'll throw these on in his honor.  Here's to you my brother in arms.  Thanks for the memories. I'm sure there are many others on the Forum who understand having been there.  Everyone lost friends and buddies. What a useless, worthless war.  I've got so many Dylan lp's it's crazy yet rarely play them.  He popped into my head tonight for something different from back in the day so I decided to explain why while I was listening.  Carry on.  One totally amazing artist.




With Paul Butterfield Blues band...  



So poignant and a sign of the times to come.  

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7 minutes ago, Full Range said:

Can’t see you doing that with your knees 🤪

Back in the day with enough Scotch it was done.  A few of us would attempt it but it was more like sliding around on the floor dusting.  Once in a while some of the fems would dive in then the groping began.  They were clueless who was grabbing what, which made it even better.  lol  :)

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