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Jubilees wanted


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He wants to buy used.  Though I don't know his circumstances, I'm piecing together that he's currently out of work (thanks Covid is my guess).


So the thinking is he'd sell some stuff, which I get, and find a lower cost used pair.


Might be only slightly more likely than buying a lottery ticket.

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I feel for him...  (anyone) who's been downsized because of the virus.  I kind of admire his goal to find some used.  It's just that they hardly ever come up for sale.  One of those "rip from my cold hands" thing I guess.



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Tom, I'll let him know.


I have no clue where he lives.  He was originally asking me about acquiring some K691's so "later" when he then bought some 402's, he'd have the drivers.  I let him know that it might make more sense to simply buy them new as a unit since the horn has "something" attached to it, why pay for something you won't need?!!


Then it evolved to his wanting some Jubilee's however he's currently unemployed (Covid related) and would need to sell some things.


That's about all I know.

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12 minutes ago, whatever55 said:

WOW they have really gone up in price........   


Yeah, but they are more pretty....  Still from a pure dollars and sound point of view, you should be feeling PDS right now (pretty darn smart!)



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PLEASE no price increase! I am looking at houses to buy everyday and as soon as I find one I will order new. No, won't order now and save as the 3 out of 30 houses that would accommodate did not accept full price offers. and that my friends pizzes me off. You tell me that you want $x for your item and I say yes and then you decided to wait for better offers.... B.S.

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On 10/14/2020 at 6:50 PM, CAMike said:

It will be interesting to see how Klipsch prices the 75 Anniversary Jubilee Editions next year.  And of course how they differ from todays/ K402 'n double 12's in the bottom.

can't be less than 25k$  ------

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