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Refinishing Black RB-75's


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Hi All:


I bought the mysterious RB-76 speakers from ebay last week.  No mystery after all, as it was just a typo.  Both arrived in Illinois from Florida in perfect shape (as in no shipping damage).  As the ebay pictures showed, one of the speakers had some potentially severe scratches on the top.




Since I didn't want black cabinets anyway and planned to refinish, the first action was to take everything apart.  Grills are in 95% perfect shape, so don't have to worry about them.


Horns and front piece also blemish free.  That's a serious tweeter.  All the tags on the inside parts match the OEM parts for RB-75's.




Inside the cabinet, there's a second tag.  Here's the inside in case you wondered what it looked like.  Seriously heavy construction.


Oops, said I have maxed my upload.  More on this later.






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Inside the cabinet as I started to post before.  One cross brace, but everything bonded with copious amounts of glue...




I cut and then pried the rubber feet off the bottom.  All came off intact which is cool.  Some scratches on the bottom too.  This is where I did my stripping test...  I though the wood veneer type was pretty obvious.  Anyone want to guess?







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7 hours ago, wuzzzer said:

Why is this in the Garage Sale section?

Cuz I'm a noob and posted in the wrong area?  Is there a way to move this to a different thread? Otherwise I'll start it over in a more appropriate section.

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You lucky dog! As soon as I saw the post for the 76s I went out to grab 'em up but they were already gone. I am flabbergasted they were shipped without the magnets breaking off, congrats!

I managed to find a pair locally that are in ok condition. Had to replace a woofer and have some refinishing to do as well. I am interested to see your your refinishing journey goes.

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