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JEM Performance Audio...my experience!

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Got around to pulling the AA crossovers, and shipped to him last Tuesday.


He rec’d them on Friday.


Called tonight. He through, and ready to ship back.


Invoiced me on PayPal for a trivial amount, including return shipping, with insurance, via FedEx, $159.57.

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34 minutes ago, Sancho Panza said:

Last Saturday night, I called the number


Looks like you have the Sonicaps in there already are you expecting a different sound when you get them back? Caps cant be that old

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2 hours ago, Frzninvt said:

They won't be to Klipsch specs unless you use similar oil can capacitor's.  Otherwise it is BS.

Be interested to see what Roy Delgado has to say about that. @Chief bonehead


However, a member here, Dave1291, just sold me an original pair, complete with non leaking oil cans. Thanks, Dave!





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From JEM:


"The capacitors I sell are approved by Klipsch engineering.  I met personally with Roy Delgado over a year ago and discussed Klipsch crossovers in depth.  Roy took the time to explain the differences in capacitor design and how they react in a network.  My desire was to keep the vintage Klipsch models operating as PWK designed them to sound."


"Keep in mind my service only repairs Klipsch networks to factory specifications (using) Klipsch approved parts."


From the Chief himself:


"It’s pretty simple and it’s not very complicated.  It’s just not “Roy” endorsing JEM, it Klipsch."


 "It’s about the WHOLE network and voltage transfer curves"


Seems convincing enough to me, would likely try them out when the time comes.

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