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EdgarHorn Titans.


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41 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

@ClaudeJ1 if the pictures I saw of your "listening zone" a couple years ago are a clue.....

Let me know this autumn if you need to thin the herd any, sure I'll have some kind of a hauler by then!

Congrats are in order, those are showpieces even compared to those audacious horn speakers from NY!

I have a pretty large herd, so it's quite possible I will.

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20 hours ago, Limberpine said:

The 18" one? 

Have not looked yet. Let you know on Monday, but yes, it looks like they use an 18" JBL driver with the desirable low Qts for a full horn! I believe that is the only driver that Dr. Edgar used for the Seismic Sub.

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1 hour ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

You're one of them, but you live too damn far to lift big speakers with me! HAH!!

except I am not young and I have a bad back - I always hire young dudes to move my big stuff around!!!!!


Congrats on your new toys!!!! They look amazing


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