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Jim Cornell

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Good luck Jim. I don't know where you live, but as crazy as it seems, you might want to check out pizza delivery. I did it for a couple of years while in school and took home about $13 / hour. It's not glamorous, and who doesn't love a polyester uniform, but the money was good without requiring a specific skill or experience.

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I know how you feel Jim! Fluke Instruments bought out the Biomedical division of the company I worked for (Bio-Tek Instruments) this past spring and put 45-50 out of work. They offered me a position if I wanted to move to Carson City, NV from here in Vermont, I declined. So I have been looking for work since July, and the economy is certainly bleak to say the least. I got lucky and just started a new job this Monday with General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products and with the situtation in the Middle East I think I will be employed for awhile anyway. Good luck with your job hunting I wish the best of luck to you. Happy Holidays to you and yours! 1.gif

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Life is good here in canada, or so it seems.

I make $33.04 per hour canadain wich translates into about .12 cents a day american.

cigs just hit $10.00 a pack and theres talk about $14.00 by summer.

Went and picked up a 24 of beer on the way home last night $24.95. Olny good thing about our money is it's colourfull and nice to look at, but not worth a sh-t to spend.

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Sorry to hear that Jim. Don't let it get you down, just go out there and find something else. I was in the same boat for a while. The telecom startup I was at went down. Took a long time to finally find something, but even that didn't last long, I was out again in October. Did some temp work just to help pay the bills. I did get lucky in finding a contract job though, but unfortunately it means I'm going to have to move. I start in January.

Frzninvt: GD must be doing a lot of hiring, that's where I'll be working.

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I'm not gonna say this to gloat (I don't do that) but I'm doin' great.

I'm in the legal field and the bad economy is being "Berry berry good to us". You see if people don't have money they get VERY irritable and understandably so. So getting angry at someone else is A LOT easier. So people sue each other more easily to get money to live on. This is where I/we come in. I work for a lot of lawyers that wind up taking depositions of witnesses and litigants. I work for a court reporting firm and although I am not a reporter nor did I have any special education relating to it, I'm finding this job interesting. Just knowing things that you can't talk about to anyone else is kinda fun, just don't slip.

Here's possibly my next venture provided I have backing from my boss, Certified Legal Videographer. In this area billable hours run about $180-$250/hour!! The best part is is that being a Notary Public is mandatory (big deal!). But if you can run a video camera and wait for the next traveling seminar from the NCRA (National Court Reporting Association) you'd have it made!!

Just a hint.....

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Bad News Indeed !

Don't give up hope though. I lost my last real job at the age of 54 and wound up having to retrain. I was finally able to find decent employment after retraining but I went through some lean times in the interim.


Sorry to hear about the unemployment insurance problems. The sytem here in Canada isn't all that helpful in a lot cases either. I applied for a retraining grant and got a total of $3200 toward $ 18000 in costs. The funding for retraining here in Alberta is administered by the province and the eligibility criteria is such that if you do not qualify for social assistance you also do not qualify for any meaningful amount of retraining assistance. I had to cash in my retirement savings in order to fund my retraining. Interestingly when income tax rolled around neither the province nor the federal government showed any interest in cutting me any slack.

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This already might be OK!

1 of the owners is the boss i worked for 7 years, i talked to him, he said hang in there, and hell let me know when the time comes, what, or where im going, i might go back to his buisness who knows!

Also, today i might of found some one thatll buy our house, so we can move to a cheaper, more available work area!

Prabably id buy a double wide moble in Iowa, its cheaper out there!

Then again, i hope he doesnt let me know the last min, im out, and i dont sell the house!

I really dont look foreward to anything LOL

Regards Jim

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