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When Album Covers were Art


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Prodigious Nils Lofgren, started touring with Neil Young & Crazy Horse at 17 and has never stopped. Lead guitar for Springstein for the past 25 years or more.

I've always wondered where this wall painting is located or just a print for the photo..


Baby Nils 1971, Walter Johnson HS, Bethesda MD.


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22 hours ago, AndreG. said:

Saw this cover somewhere else before and wondered: Giger? Or just his influence?

Since cover art for the impending album was required, Manticore manager Peter Zumsteg introduced Emerson to a popular artist, Hans Ruedi Giger, who was living in Zurich. In April 1973, as a part of their European tour, the group played a two-day concert there. After the concert, Emerson with Zumsteg visited the artist at his home. At that time, the working title for the album was Medious' expression Whip Some Skull on Ya, which is translated as fellatio.[21] Coincidentally, under the impact of the music, including Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Giger had just created a human skull-based triptych entitled Work 216: Landscape XIX. When he revealed the triptych to his guests, Emerson immediately felt that it was completely appropriate for the album cover art.

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