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HLS-1802 or 1502


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E... there was JUST a 1502 for sale on the facebook group about a week and a half ago... not sure if it sold or not.

I would have gotten it but it's back east and I dont have as much room as you do.

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Here ya go:


Anyone want to add a 1502 to their system? Less than 20 mins playtime. Sometimes the dream is put on pause.

To be clear, I know what I have. Shoot me your best offer and I will consider it.

Paid 3k for sub and $730 for amp. The speaker’s value is most likely way above that and probably not going down anytime soon, rather up in time.
Wildwood MO

Still have original pallet and packaging

Also have a new crown 2502 that goes with it

I don’t need the money and not desperate to sell. It has sat in my basement for 2 years and hasn’t been used since my wife is working from home full time. Just thought maybe someone else could enjoy it. I’m perfectly OK with it sitting another 10 years. Who knows, by then I may just be able to use it. And find some jubilees to pair it with 🙏

Not going to list a price but will consider reasonable offers. Shipping is at the buyers expense or can be picked up.




Karl Christian Koch
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