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'Should you tune your sound system FLAT'?


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As J. Gordon Holt once said, "Down with Flat!"


The recordings aren't flat

The speakers aren't flat

The room is not flat


Why would we want to "tune flat?"  Tune to taste!


With Klipschorns + Audyssey  FLAT and tone controls (NO DEQ) and  sub gain control:

Often this at MLP:

30 Hz = FLAT

40 Hz = + 12 dB

100 Hz = +10 dB

150 Hz = + 7.5 dB

Sloping down to FLAT @ 1K Hz

From that point, pretty flat up to 6K Hz, Then:

  • For dull recordings: Select Audyssey FLAT
  • For neutral recordings: Select Audyssey Reference (slopes down, starting at 6K Hz to - 5 dB at 15K Hz)
  • For bright recordings use treble control judiciously to turn down the treble while also using Audyssey Reference.

For neutral recordings, it  looks like this:



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Thanks Mr. Chief, that's a good starting point.

Can you give some directions, where to find out more or may be steps to go from there?

For example, if we do not have factory measurements of what the speaker is doing, and most often this is the case, could we start with measuring microphone and REW software, anything else?


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