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The California Honeydrops are a fantastic rhythm & blues band.  The eight of us in our group heartily agreed it was the best live show we’d ever seen. The tickets were $25; a tremendous bargain.


If they are playing anywhere close to you, go see and hear them.  You will not be disappointed.


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1 hour ago, geezin' said:

Unfortunately it appears I'll need to fly anywhere they'll be playing.


EDIT:Listened to a bit on streaming app. Too bad they aren't closer. Good music.



May 26-28, 2023 in Cumberland, MD.  I don’t think you need to fly there.

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Originally I tried to organize a gathering of old college friends (redundant) to see The Mavericks at the Royal Oak Theater in April, but tickets were over $400 each.


When a knowledgeable old girlfriend (again redundant) recommended TCH as a favorite live band, I bought six tickets at $25 each.  Despite my strong confidence in my friend’s musical taste and opinions, I was nervous about organizing a group outing to hear a “bargain” band none of us had heard of. A fourth couple got a pair of tickets before it was sold out.


The warmup-band was very good, so I felt some relief.  When TCH took the stage, my concerns vanished.  While the room was rocking, one of our group gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up with a huge grin on her face.


Thanks Bruce @Marvel for posting the YouTube video.  TCH is more a party than a concert.

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Great find @DizRotus. I had not heard of them. Very nice. Break out your "old" friends and go on a road trip to Denver. Saw they were playing Red Rocks next year. My kids took me there earlier this year as a "bucket list" gift. Well worth it. The acoustics would be great for this party band. Wear your hiking shoes.

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16 hours ago, DizRotus said:

When is the last time you heard a trombone solo @tromprof? TCH had one, and the guy nailed it.  Do you get a sense that I strongly recommended this band?


I felt so guilty about those $25 tickets I downloaded a couple albums from TCH website.


As a professional trombonist I hear trombone solos all the time 😜

However, it is nice seeing a band use a horn section! 

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