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(SOLD OUT) Dope From Hope Book (SOLD OUT)


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11 hours ago, JMON said:

My pledge is in.  Looks like there still approximately 335 books to go with 17 days remaining.


Does anyone know if this has been posted on other audio forums?

Um, I have posted it in several other Klipsch related Facebook groups. I need to get  it on Audiokarma; Audio Science Review, Audiogon, if people can post on other forums that would be great.

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8 hours ago, barbiebnyc said:

Hi! @KT88 and @Travis In Austin 


We would have loved to have a distributor in the EU but unfortunately that wasn't possible.


We recommend for those looking to save on overseas shipping to gauge interest from friends and try to grab a bundle. 


Thank you everyone for your support! 70% funded, almost there.  


Thank you very much for your research, Barbie. Let's see if we can form a group of interested participants in Europe.

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15 days left to pledge! We just broke past the $60K mark. 


If you yet haven't pledged for a copy of the book, you'll only have 15 more days.


We won't be offering any preorders after the campaign ends :) Just a reminder that if we don't meet our goal, no one gets charged and the book doesn't get made. 


Tell a friend to tell a friend! Greatly appreciate everyone's support!



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The campaign made the news: Resident Advisor / The Vinyl Factory / In Sheep's Clothing / Test Pressing / Louder Than War / Attack Mag


We also made a playlist of our favorite Klipsch Jams which is available on Apple Music & Spotify and linked to the top of our campaign page: 





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