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Dope From Hope Kickstarter ?


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Order here by placing a pledge: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loveinjectionnyc/the-dope-from-hope-book


Should cost $80 with shipping to the U.S.


P.S.  I've got my pledge (pre-order) in.  I hope this happens as I would really like to have all the Dope from Hope articles and having them in a nice book is much better than the handful of PDF copies I already have.  $80 is a no-brainer for how much many of us spend on this stuff!

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8 minutes ago, richieb said:

Thanks JMON. So I “pledge” $80 essentially ordering/paying for the copy?



Yes, you back the Kickstarter campain by selecting one of the "Back this project" options like pledging with a "reward" from the available options of a Bullshit pin, a one year KMAH membership, 1,2, or 5 copies of the book, or the Dope From Hope Tour for Two; or you can pledge without a reward. 

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