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College Football 2023


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@JohnJ  That's just temporary to appease the other B1G teams.


The funny thing about it all blue said they weren't going to press the issue with a fight over a temporary restraining order.  They just said they'd honor the 3 game ban since it could hurt recruiting.


They no more than said that and the B1G AND the NCAA made statements that there WOULD be more coming and that the suspension in no way meant it was concluded.


The word I got last night was that the NCAA is talking about forfeiture of ALL games in the 2022 and 23 seasons.  Possibly games from the 2021 season too.  Stalions was on staff both of those years.  In 2021 he wasn't on staff but it's entirely possible he was proving to UofM that his system could work.  Can take that fwiw .


I look for Harbs to quit after the season but that's nothing new since he has his eye on the Head Coaching job for the Chicago Bears.  With all of the blowback coming he'd have a hard time landing an NFL job again.  Ya have to remember he was the head coach for the San Fran 49er's prior to taking the job @ U of M.  Additionally, with his brother John coaching the Ravens  he could find something somewhere.  John has publically stated he didn't see much wrong w/what Jim has done.


It'll sort in time.  :)

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Breaking out of Ann Arbor - 

Michigan football fires linebackers coach Chris Partridge

0ee1c633-ef68-415a-9c37-ce2dd5fd193b-TonTony Garcia
Detroit Free Press
Michigan football has fired linebackers coach Chris Partridge, the program announced in a statement Friday morning.

"Effective today, Chris Partridge has been relieved of his duties as a member of the Michigan Football staff," read a message from team spokesman Dave Ablauf. "Rick Minter will serve as the team’s linebackers coach."

Partridge is in his fifth year as a member of U-M's coaching staff overall; he was brought back Feb. 8 to begin his second tenure with the Wolverines when he was hired to coach the linebackers. Partridge previously served as the team's special teams coordinator for four seasons (2016-19), before he became defensive coordinator at Ole Miss for three seasons (2020-22).

TRENDING:Michigan accepting Jim Harbaugh's suspension leaves more questions than answers

Michigan linebackers coach Chris Partridge watches a play during the team's defeat of East Carolina, Saturday, Sept. 2, 2023, at Michigan Stadium.

Rick Minter is a longtime coach at Cincinnati (1994-2003) and father of defensive coordinator Jesse Minter. He has served as a defensive analyst for the Wolverines since 2022.

Partridge is the second staffer to leave his position in the past few weeks, after off-field analyst Connor Stalions resigned Nov. 3 following evidence he ran an illegal sign-stealing scheme. The NCAA's investigation is ongoing.


Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has been suspended for the final three games of the regular season as overseer of the program. The university and Harbaugh on Thursday did a 180 and agreed to accept the ban, one day before a scheduled court hearing where U-M hoped to receive a temporary restraining order against the Big Ten for its suspension, which would have allowed Harbaugh to coach against Maryland on Saturday and Ohio State a week later to close the regular season.

READ MORE:Jim Harbaugh has the chance to step up and teach us all a lesson while suspended



FWIW:  Firing an assistant coach of a 10-0 team during the season is unheard of in college football. Obviously this has to be related to the sign stealing investigation.

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This weeks top NCAA picks.  :)


1 Georgia 11-0 1
2 Ohio State 11-0 2
3 Michigan 11-0 3
4 Washington 11-0 5
5 Florida State 11-0 4
6 Oregon 10-1 6
7 Texas 10-1 7
8 Alabama 10-1 8
9 Missouri 9-2 9
10 Louisville 10-1 10
11 Penn State 9-2 12
12 Ole Miss 9-2 13
13 Oklahoma 9-2 14
14 LSU 8-3 15
15 Arizona 8-3 17
16 Oregon State 8-3 11
17 Iowa 9-2 16
18 Notre Dame 7-3 13
19 Kansas State 8-3 21
20 Oklahoma State 8-3 23
21 Tennessee 7-4 18
22 NC State 8-3 NR
23 Tulane 10-1 24
24 Clemson 7-4 NR
25 Liberty 11-0 NR
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HUGE games on tap for the weekend.  Here ya go with the particulars on each.  Kick back and take a ride.


Can't-miss games in Week 13

Friday, Nov. 24

Saturday, Nov. 25


Then there are the rest!


Friday, Nov. 24

Saturday, Nov. 25

Thursday, Nov. 23

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Let's see what I can come up with since all I did yesterday was stare at the screen.  Crazy!


 #1  Georgia/Ga Tech?  


#2 Ohio State #3 Michigan?  ALWAYS a battle and the most watched game with the added NCAA violations hype this year?  HUGE game for both teams.


As a Buckeye I'm just like most people.  You support your team but as I've said all year we've got a young offensive like and a new QB.  THAT you can't overlook, it's fact.  No way out of it but even with the late game antics the Buckeyes couldn't pull it off.  A good watch none the less imo.  Hats off to blue with the win.


Another thing to think about is the NCAA investigation of blue.  One "tiny" thing to remember when it rolls out since they're now looking at the past 3 seasons.  The ramifications to the program  remain to be seen.  :)


1 hour ago, JJkizak said:

Did they terminate Daily yet?


Coach Day isn't going anywhere unless he decides to go somewhere imo.  His record is stellar and even though OSU fired John Cooper years ago for not winning the big ones the University would be stupid to even think it.  Coach Day never got to play blue when they had Brady Hoke (the Harbaugh boys fishin buddy) and the weaker coaches they had years ago.  Yes, Lloyd Carr was one along w/Rodriguez.


The other fact that stands out is that WW Hayes LOST to blue 11 times in his career @ OSU.  IF the University does anything at all they should give Coach Day a raise just to keep him at OSU imo.  Just take a look at the head coaching contracts today.  Insanity at it's finest.  :)


Now back to the highlights of THE GAME!



Now let's look at the apple cart with the #4 Washington/Washington State biggie.



Carry on!  :)

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5 hours ago, Travis In Austin said:

Struggle over GT indicative of anything?

I don' think so. These in state rivalry games can be a real struggle sometimes. Usually the next game is back to business as usual. But, what if Alabama beats #1 Georgia in the SEC Championship game. What will the committee do then?


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I don't have a dog in the fight but I haven't seen that much out of Ga or Bama this year but you all see more of the games than I do.  Thought it funny that Kirby said they were lucky to beat OSU last year.  lol  


The #knowitalls up here are calling for both Coach Day and Kyle McCord's heads on sticks.  WW lost a total of 11 times to blue and I think 4 in a row in there at some point.  This years loss is on Coach Day.  His first full recruiting class.


@Ceptorman the word I've heard a week ago from a friend is that the past two seasons for blue might be scrubbed by the NCAA.  Who knows at this point.  Perhaps that's why Harbs has been shopping in the NFL  Maybe nothing will happen since all NFL teams use in helmet headsets specifically to stop sign stealing. Then enter the lip reders watching the sidelines.  lol  His brother John, HC @ the Ravens, publically stated he thought sign stealing was just fine.  lol  

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6 hours ago, JJkizak said:

My understanding is that the OSU elders think beating Michigan is more important than the national championship.



Beating Michigan is a stepping stone to the National Championship 

And because this is an audio site I will add this

Step on them Like A Rolling Stone 🤘


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