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Bi-amping an older Heresy

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3 hours ago, geezin' said:

watching the video I was wondering how much sitting on those tubs affected the sound. Even of the La Scala behind them.

Maybe they're full of sand

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The only active crossover settings in the MHT100 are for the subwoofer line output which is only adjustable from 80-140Hz.


There is no powered sub output on the MHT100 so he must have the woofer hooked up to one of the main speaker outputs.

In one of his other videos he says he is using the external sub input on the MHT100.

This makes me think he’s just running his woofers in mono with the bass level cranked up.

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Here's what I can't make sense of. Whatever it is he did, it made an extremely audible change to the bass simply be driving the woofer separately on its own. I'm seeing that by skipping the internal crossover altogether and adding a separate active crossover, you can direct more bass as desired which brings me to three more questions.


1. In theory could this be done for the original Heresy bass using a seperate "active" crossover with an amp?


2. Or, could a different with internal crossover altogether like an ALK be designed to simply direct more bass to the woofer?


3. Why didn't Klipsch simply do a similar thing by directing more bass to the woofer? Why is this guy able to do this in a video which btw is extremely audible with just the Heresy alone. Why develop a Heresy IV which produces more box resonance compared to the earlier Heresy. I understand that the Heresy was originally intended as a center for the Khorn's but why with all the amazing interest end-users have using the Heresy as a full range speaker can they simply not do what this guy did in the video. It makes no sense to me. Why is this so overly complicated?


No matter what anyone has to say, the simple fact is that this guy did in fact add more bass to a low cost Heresy, period! Yet all I hear is people yapping about having to use subs being the only way. This video shows otherwise and the guy even states that he changed his mind about using subs. 

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BTW, with regard to ALK crossovers, I haven't heard anything about any significant increase in Bass. All that stuff about changing sound I could care less about. I'm strictly and only interested in how the bass can be increased without a sub. 

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I'll resist, except to say he admitted the heresy were not set up the best they could be (in corners, unobstructed, on the floor).

More wattage can produce better sound from a speaker as long as it's clean and not too much wattage for the speaker.

He does not do a good job of making his case!

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He explains in the video that stands will be needed for the Heresy's the way they're set up. He didn't have them at the time, so he explains that he had to elevate them on tubs for the time being since he didn't have stands yet. I'm more interested in understanding why this method of improving bass is being ignored when it clearly makes an obvious improvement in the video with headsets.  

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