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PWK Birthday Bash 2024 - Activities and Pictures

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The 2024 PWK Birthday Bash was a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures from the different events that I took.  Others who attended are welcome to add theirs to this thread.  Here are a few pictures of people hanging out at the KMAH Visitor Center before the Museum Annual Meeting on Thursday March 7 and then the meeting itself.

PXL_20240307_231439337 (Medium).jpg

PXL_20240308_000228096.MP (Medium).jpg

PXL_20240308_000249453.MP (Medium).jpg

PXL_20240308_015147479.MP (Medium).jpg

PXL_20240308_015205319 (Medium).jpg

PXL_20240308_015218369.MP (Medium).jpg

429489978_936887521095267_3810476078629135250_n (Medium).jpg

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The final day of the PWK Birthday Bash featured the Chief Bonehead Class about the changes coming with the La Scala and Khorn. I posted about the class in a separate thread.


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That cake is awesome:emotion-21:. Looks like small intimate group very conducive to getting to know each other. Roy, check....Trey, Check....Elden,check...Jim H, check. If I have met others sorry I forgotten your faces....

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It was a smaller group but very high quality. There are discussions ongoing for making changes for the next get-together.



A BIG THANK YOU to Ginny for stepping up and taking command of the visitor center and taking care of the day-to-day business. She is the local we desperately needed. The new gift shop is growing and getting many different products. Thank you Ginny!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Roy and Jim for the classes and tours.


The hardest working group we have is of course Craig and his crew. It is amazing to see the progress every time we go back.


For all the members thank you so much because without you the PWK Museum wouldn't exist and the events would never happen. If you aren't a member please consider it https://www.klipschmuseum.org/membership

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