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What album keeps bringing you back time and again?


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I have found over the years that my favorite album today is just another one of my favorites in a week or two.Hell I'd have a hard time just pickin'my favorite album by most artist.It is much easier to pick the worst.

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One that I've been listening to almost non-stop here lately:

Dream Theater - Images and Words

Their second album - prog metal, but definitely not prog for prog's sake. There's a musicality to the arrangements on this album that is unmatched by any prog release I've ever heard in my life - and I've been a prog head for years and years.

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On 1/17/2004 1:58:17 AM maxg wrote:

You know the thing I am talking about. An album that you play once a month/quarter or less, that each time you play it you think - my god - why dont I listen to this more often? Only to promptly forget and let another month/quarter pass til you listen to it again.

For me (boring predictable git that I am) it is DSOTM. I may go on and on about other Roger Water's recordings but my god this one is something. Last night the baby was at grannies and the wife out for diner.

Volume up (there's a change). And DSOTM on - it was absolutely fan-bloody-tastic!!

So what does it for you?


the first album in the early 70s from THE ROGER KELLAWAY CELLO QUARTET. the album is named the same. it is as fresh as the day i heard it---most people have never heard it, though some jazz musicians know it well. it is on A&M Records and was mentioned a couple years ago in the N.Y. Times as one of the vinyl albums most deserving of being transferred to c.d.---funny thing is i have it on c.d., though i have never seen the c.d. again in all my travels on the road visiting music stores. i also have about 6 or 7 copies of the vinyl, just in case!! the 2nd CELLO QUARTET album from Roger and associates is just as good.

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