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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:

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Pic I’m trying to upload is 2.1 mb. Can’t seem to make it smaller on iPad. 
Do a search online...there are sites you can up,oad your image to and then resize, and downooad again for free

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On 10/20/2020 at 9:45 AM, wookie groomer said:

I love my Klipsch. I had these in the living room for a while before my theater was built and the wife was pissed when I had to move them out into the theater. I put in a set of NHT's and that was a total joke to her. I had to get a set of powered Klipsch bookshelf speakers to appease her till I can get another set of towers. Anyway, here is my theater build. It's basically finished and I have not posted a new video on my channel yet. I did build my own custom Subwoofers. No one manufacturers anything like them.



















You can view see the entire build process from the ground up at my youtube channel.


Furious Wookiee Home Theater build featuring Klipsch speakers


Very nice!!

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Not quite finished with needing to finish trim around the fireplace and paint the room, but I'm back with surround sound after loosing my last theater due to moving.  I have been happier with my "theater" being the living room as it gets used a lot more.













Previous theater:



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