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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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On 1/19/2020 at 11:27 AM, alkemyst said:

I still have my Denon AVR-X4100, Klipsch Quarter, Academy (oiled oak) and RS-25's with an Emotiva Ultra 12 in my house...but due to say domestic situations I have my own place now.


Denon AVR-X3500H, Klipsch Chorus II and Academy (black).  LG UBK90 for Bluray. Vizio PQ65-F1 for LCD.  Xfinity X1 for everything else.


Viewing distance = 8.5-9' :)




Before Covid 19 threw a wrench in the works I was going to Boca Raton once a month to work with one of our branches. Everyone told me I'd hate it down there but I'm trying to work it out so we can re-locate. I love that neck of the woods.


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My little set up , a but messy due to kids .

Mains Klipsch RF-28 

Center  : Klipsch KC-25

Back : Klipsch- KB -1.1 ( old new stock )

SUB : Polk 10  basic 100w ( needs an upgrade )

Receiver : Yamaha rx-v477

TV: Vizio PQ65-F1







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Last week finally finished my setup for now. Of course there are still some goals, but for now I’m really happy with how it turned out in our livingroom.


Samsung 55” 4K tv

Onkyo TX-NR676E

Sony DVD/HD player

HD Rayon HD Media player

Humax digital recorder and tv module

Sony PlayStation 3

LG Blueray player 

RP-600M as FL and FR

RP-500C as Center

RP-500M as SL and SR

Jamo S810 Subwoofer




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On 4/27/2020 at 11:04 PM, sunburnwilly said:

Belles have been in place since late 2005 . DD 18 was added in may 2006 . Electronics and TV's have changed but I'm rollin' on a 15 year old system .

My center channel from GaryMD 


Thanks GaryMD


Did you put the car under the tv or move the Belle inside?

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71C5A7AA-2EA8-463D-AD04-67F770D8AF79.thumb.jpeg.62f79733939b4e9994d65cb90f91030c.jpegC2D162BC-7683-47CD-B659-1161C0B301EE.thumb.jpeg.4b688d6c45b863568999499353bf2840.jpeg Hello fellow Klipsch members: Thought I would post my system: 

Klipsch Forte III’s ( American Walnut Finish )  - mains 

Klipsch RP-500C - Center

Klipsch R-120SW - Sub

Bowers & Wilkins Monitor Series - Rear Surrounds ( top photo ) 

Denon AVR X4500H 


LG UP970 Blue Ray Player

Denon DCM-360 5 disc  CD Changer 

Technics SL-D 303 Turntable with Audio Technica VM740ML Cartridge!! All speakers including sub are professionally wired from AVR under the house and up through floor where each speaker is positioned and the B&W rear surrounds are wired from AVR up into attic and fished through the wall to flush plug in. No wires are visible. All speakers except sub are connected via Nakamichi banana plugs and also banana plugged into AVR!! I Love these Nakamichi banana plugs with dual screws for secure fitting. I purchased everything in this system brand new and have taken extreme pride and care of each individual piece of equipment!! I think it’s worth noting that AVR’s tend to run rather warm due to all the individual amplifiers for each channel. The Denon line especially run warm so it’s vitally important to position your AVR or Integrated Amp so it can get plenty of air circulation to help stay as cool as possible. Heat will shorten the life of your equipment. I even got a cordless fan ( D size battery operated ) and positioned it behind my AVR to increase air flow and keep the receiver as cool as possible. Thanks for reading and allowing me to share!! P.S. My listening room ( Great Room ) has a 12’ high ceiling and the room is big  so the sound is incredible!! The Bowers and Wilkins play all the way down to 50 Hz which is very low for such a small cabinet. They are rated at 91dB sensitivity so they blend in really well with the rest of my Klipsch speakers.  Power handling of 150 watts @ 8 ohms. I chose them due to their sound , efficiency, etc. and their quite unique ability to be flush mounted to the wall in a corner with 3 sturdy legs to mount firmly and the speaker is adjustable on a pivotal ball to angle just right. 



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Forum newbie here... 

I just bought a house right before the 'rona hammer came down. Already had the sub and center and added the floor speakers a while back. We finished off with the surrounds and added a second sub during the Christmas in July sale. Loving it so far. This room is our primary family room, so not exactly a dedicated home theater. A Xbox is our primary 4k player, streaming device and video game console.


One concern is that my receiver is a bit under-powered at 100W (Onkyo TX-NR797). Not gonna do anything about it anytime soon, but will keep my eyes open for deals.




This room has about a 19' ceiling, so bouncing height sounds was not an option. We instead hung the height speakers about 8' up. We will do something to better hide the wires eventually. And we also want to build a custom stand to go under the TV to match the width and better hide the wires.




We wanted some type of speaker stand, but didn't like the price and style of most actual speaker stands. Then we found these plant pedestals at Hobby Lobby. Perfect height and diameter and only about $15 each!




Oh, and I'm Mr. Super Lucky with a wife who loves music and movies and the good sound that goes with them, so she is on board with the speaker setup and look of it all, even giving more input on the setup and adjustments than I do.

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Hi there. I live in the Netherlands. Been using Klipsch for a long time now. My first pair of proper speakers were Klipsch RF25 which I still use today. Love seeing setups of others so wanted to show mine.

I have a 9.2 / 5.2.4 Klipsch setup that features:

Klipsch RF25 fronts
Klipsch RC35 center
Klipsch RB61 rears
Klipsch RB51 front height
Klipsch RB51 rear height
Klipsch R115 dual subwoofer setup

Receiver is a Marantz SR7011, BD5007 for Blu Rays.

This is in a dedicated home theater room two seating rows. The back row is elevated. No proper photos of the back. Still have to carpet the elevation.


Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

Little upgrade. The Klipsch setup is still there. Really enjoying the their sound.

Added a different projector and screen to my setup. Now using a JVC N5 and an Adeo 21:9 120” screen. Huge upgrade!

Also went from 4 to 5 seats.


Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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I am new to this site but here is my system:  Sony UHD tv, RP8000f for L & R, RP405C, SPL 120 sub, Older Velodyne 12 inch sub, front heights are SVS elevation, rear are Klipsch RP150M, mid height are 8 inch ceiling mount.  I just recently jumped in to the Klipsch line after reading all the great reviews.  Klipsch LRC replaced Def Tech LRC.  The change was amazing, we are movie buffs and the dynamics and clarity of the sound are great with the new Klipsch set up.  I went from  having no Klipsch speakers to now owning two sets of towers, two sets of bookshelfs, two centers and just received The Sixes.  I am just impressed with the Klipsch sound.  Sorry, all my pics are bigger than 2MB.

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