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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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1 hour ago, Matrixx9 said:

Show it all. Can't click rest if picks! 


If you do FB, click on his link upper right corner of his post. Then you can see all of his pics. Roby is halfway around the world from us.

He has what appears to be like 9.2 system and all Klipsch loudspeakers except for two subs. I cannot identify the subs, but they look substantial.

And a huge projection screen!

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2 minutes ago, polizzio said:


Ha quello che sembra essere il sistema 9.2 e tutti gli altoparlanti Klipsch tranne due sottotitoli. Non riesco a identificare i sottotitoli, ma sembrano sostanziali.

E un enorme schermo di proiezione!

The Pioneer Susano is 10.2 channels, the central channel is bi-amplifiable, the subwoofers are two ASW825 (I love the sub in a closed box).

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I still have my Denon AVR-X4100, Klipsch Quarter, Academy (oiled oak) and RS-25's with an Emotiva Ultra 12 in my house...but due to say domestic situations I have my own place now.


Denon AVR-X3500H, Klipsch Chorus II and Academy (black).  LG UBK90 for Bluray. Vizio PQ65-F1 for LCD.  Xfinity X1 for everything else.


Viewing distance = 8.5-9' :)




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Once I got my original Klipsh set up and realized that besides not having the ability to set the thermostat under 74 in the summer, and under 75 in the winter PLUS being able to listen to my music or movies under -25...I decided to go solo. It's just a matter of numbers!!! ;) Happy life, no more wife! 

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Hello there,


Attached are pictures of my Klipsch RP setup with Onkyo TXRZ830 and optoma 4k projector.


I was going to buy Bowers, but then I found out the Klipsch product, described as the best home cinema product. When I saw that huge central speaker in the store, I knew that this is what I want. My wife did not liked the look of this set, she liked white speakers more because "white speakers will look beter in this room and gold looks cheap". I do not know how it works in US, but here in Europe (Poland) most of our wives never understand anything about it and they sometimes think that we are like kids with toys. 


Coming back to this setup. On the beginning I was using many settings, until finally I switched my ONKYO into a mode, when it is only passing the signal. My source is Apple TV 4K. And then it played... I was really blown away. I started with Hans Zimmer live, I was actually personally on this event and WOW, I have them in my home... The quality of the sound is so natural, so raw and bright... The feeling is like I have the real instrument just 1,5 half meters from me. Then I started Depeche Mode live in Berlin - wow, just wow. Then movies - blade runner, inception... The sound is fast, agile and alive. Bass is strong and not too strong, feels the room in a perfect way. 


The only thing I have doubts are my back speakers which You can see on last photo. I choosed them to have better immersion, but to be honest I think that regular speakers would be just fine. Those which I choosed are maybe better for the surround left and right, not for the back like I am using them. But what can I do I bought them so they are here makes no sense to return them 😉


To summarize, I can really recommend this setup with Onkyo as a killer-combo for the sound quality. Thank god I did not went for bowers. I was so close to buy them, that I allready purchased stands for bowers m-1 speakers - I am using them only as a stand for my surround back as You can see on the picture. 




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Since I’m new here and also new as a Klipsch enthousiast, it is nice to share my Home Cenima setup.

Only just last week finished, for now, my rebuild and change over from Jamo to Klipsch, only the surround rear speakers are still Jamo S60 Sur and my new subwoofer is Jamo, due to the small size which was the only thing my wife would accept in our livingroom.

RP-600M as front left and right, bi-amp in use

RP-500C as my center

Jamo S60 Sur as surround back speakers

Jamo S810 as my Sub

Onkyo TX-NR676E as AV Receiver

Samsung 55 inch 4K tv


I’m still amazed every time I play music or watch movies of the Klipsch speakers and their great sound. And to be honust, the Jamo S810 Sub has more then enough punch on -10Db on my Onkyo.

RP-600M are crossed over at 60Hz, the RP-500C at 80Hz and the surround backstage at 120Hz.




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It's been over a year since I last did a room tour of my 7.2.4 Klipsch LaScala Home Theater Room. A lot has changed since then so I finally took the time to provide an update on my setup as I have made a lot of improvements over the past year. With this tour, I wanted to share much more detail than I've ever shared, especially in the area of the custom cabinet that my friend built. As always, my room is a continual work in progress but I am extremely pleased with how it has evolved over the past 13 years when I began building this theater room.




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