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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Here you see my last HT. I tore it down and moved on June 1.

Old Home Theater

new HT is under construction. I'll start with the same RF-5's but I
think I'll upgrade them to Heritage or RF-83's eventually. I've
upgraded the center to an RC-64 for this big room (approx 8,000 cubic
feet, and 941 square feet) and I'm still trying to figure out what in
the heck I'm going to do for a subwoofer(s).

Here's the floorplan
with some color lines indicating plans for the room. This is the
half of the basement with the HT- it's a big multi-purpose room.
Not ideal for HT,but it will work for now. The green circle is
the poker table.


Here are the plans for the video wall:

Video Wall plans

here is my progress so far. We're going to make that beam into an
arch with boxes on the ends, which will be cool, and allow for some
lighting hidden behind some trim.

Home Theater Progress

And yes, that left bookshelf is also a door. SHHH! [:#]

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Our make shift home theatre. Still lots of work needed, eg; new carpet, sound panels, new theatre seats & decorative wall treatments. This little room is only 9' wide x 19' deep. So I can only fit 2 recliners x 2 rows. The kids lay on bean bag chairs in the front, so with kids we can seat 6-7 comfortably. One other big (litterally) issue, is that the sub I currently have is an SVS PB12/Plus2! It takes up too much space, and currently I have it up against the right wall being used as a coffee table (unless were watching heavily bass encoded movies, and it will rattle anything sitting on top of it OFF). But, for now this little theatre sounds incredible and we look forward to watching movies almost every night!


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Sorry for the confusion. My descriptions were not corresponding with the correct pictures taken, but I think you guys can put it together. Were still going to remove the computer under the rear speakers, and add a 5" riser to accommodate the rear two seats. The wiring you see hanging from the ceiling was from some old track lighting witch were replacing too! Once were completely done I'll post new pics (with the correct descriptions!). Hope you enjoy our humble little theatre! Kevin

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My HT is listed in the photo album section, but not yet updated since my latest change.

My latest change was the addition of ceiling acoustic treatments. I have a strip of low ductwork that runs the the entire width of the room that served as both a reflective light source, as well as my primary acoustic ceiling reflection point.

I fixed two issues with a single simple step:)


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This is my set up. It has to double as our living room. I hope to build a house some day that has its own theatre room but until then this will have to do.

Back against TV

Posted Image

Left Side of room from TV

Posted Image

Right side of room from TV

Posted Image

View from back of room

Posted Image

Close up of set up

Posted Image


PS3 60GB

Mitsubishi 65" Diamond Display


Denon DVD2800 DVD player

Denon AVR3808ci Receiver (Bi Amped)

Denon AVR3806 Receiver for patio speakers

Klipsch RF3 Fronts, RC3 Center, RS3 surrounds and KSW12 Sub

Klipsch SPA3's on patio


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