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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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I really want to put up my pictures to see how torn apart my "home theater" will get...



Lotta crap for a 6.5'x11' section of my bedroom, eh?

where did you get the stands for the RS7s?

I bought the RF-35s, RC-7, RS-7s and the stands from one guy for $900. He said he bought it all in June of 2004 from Ultimate Electronics.

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Great shots bmilbrandt... How happy with the sound are you? Looks awesome!

I am extremely happy with the sound. I run the system with a Denon 5805 receiver, and with the Audessey eq engaged, the Ultra II system fills the room with unbelievable dynamics and slam (from the subs). The set also sounds very, very good with music. I listen to a lot of hi rez music and the results are spectacular. The subs are also very tight for music, but still produce the thunder for movies.

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This is my little theatre. its not as nice as some of ya'lls in this forum, but its pretty darn good for a student whos always broke all the time[;)]

Please Click on the picture below, this will direct you to community webshots, and view my album.

Please comment! have a nice day

Denon 2307, PS3, Sony Upconvet, Infocus In74, Panomax, RF82 x2, RC52, RB51 x2, RS42 x2, JBL S120PII x2, 106" Screen, Accustic treatment, Directv

Posted Image

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Another one. Sorry for the decor. The furniture, tv, cabinet, knives, curtains are not mine. We're house-sitting for an older couple. The audio gear is mine though. Maybe I'll show a picture of the rest of the room. 95% of the room rattles. Knives, guns, swords unexploded munitions. It's all here.


Carbon-fiber cones. mmmm...

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