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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Runing a 7.1 with

receiver- Denon 4308ci

bd- Pioneer elite bdp-95fd

tv- Pioneer elite pro-110fd

cd- Sony cdp-cx355

hd- Starchoice HDTV box

Filter- Monster Power HTS 5100MKII

Power suply- Monster Power AVS-2000

interconects- Monster Power M/series

speaker cable- Monsater Power

CC- rvx-42

FR- rvx-42


Sub- rw-12d

RR- rs42

RL- rs42

RBR- rs42

RBL- rs42

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"My room is 21 x 23 x 8 and the Jubilee's are on the 21' wall. The
TV you saw in the pic is a Hitachi 70" but it is very old. There is an
audio/video store in town, I'll have to go by and see what they have
as far as new projectors. I am certain that one of those new units
would look much better than the TV I have now.

Thanks again,

Kevin Harmon"

Building your own HT takes patients and lots of planning. The best recommendation I can give you is to download SketchUp and design everything on your computer first. You will be able to learn this program in 30 min and it will make life so much easier when it comes to building your HT. I spend about 6 weeks designing mine and 3 years of construction. Keep in mind I had a pretty finished HT in 7 months the rest of the time were lots of little things, new furniture , rear risers and various component upgrades,. But in order to start at square one put the mouse on the pad ad draw it first,. What I designed on my PC using sketchup came out in real life almost identical, it was worth its weight in gold. Besides its a free software program. I am attaching my sketchup drawing and a couple of pics of my HT so you can see how mach it turned out like the design. First pic is the sketchup drawing.


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James, Thank you.

I got the RF-83 only for about a month now. I haven't done any critical listening with them yet.

But, so far I must say, that I'm very impressed with them. On the other end I owned the RF-7 for about 3 years.

For music, I almost want to believe that the RF-83 are slightly more musical that the RF-7.

This little diference is noticeable at very high volume.

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