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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Just finished up a major hurdle with this media room. It's been 6 mos in the making (planning/buying) and over the last two weekends finally finished up a good majority of what I wanted to get done. Now granted there are some things that I still need to buy and/or touch up but for the most part it's very close to done.

Here's what I have:

Onkyo 875 AV Receiver
Monster Clean Power 5100 HTII
Sony PS3
Scientific Atlantic HD-DVR
Panasonic PT-AE2000U
Screen Innovations Black Diamond 92" Screen
StudioTech U22T Cabinet

RF-63 Floorstanders (x2)
RC-64 Center
RS-62 Surrounds (x4)
RT-10d Subwoofer

Harmony 1000
Lutron IR Lighting Control

More to come
IR Blaster/RF extender for Harmony
Ipod add on for Onkyo
IR2BT for PS3 (will allow for full control of all 51 commands of the PS3 on the Harmony)
Acoustic Panels
New Sconce lighting
Replace entry doors.
Paint small attic door.
And whatever else my mind comes up with.

So without futher ado...

Utilized my homes dedicated media room (though not an ideal layout/design by the builder it wasn't all that bad.)


I blasted some flood lamps in the room which is why the screen washed out...not to mention had the flash go off on the camer. (doh)


Entry into the room; looking to the right. You'll see blue painters tape on the pipe/project mount top...part of my touch ups needed (ie calk/paint hole in ceiling.)


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that looks good. nice room. i am just curious, my living room is 16x16 and i was told by klipsch and the dealer that rf-63's are too much for that room, how do they work in your room? i think the layout is nice, that niche seems to work out well. just taking a quick look at your floor plan, if you so chose, you can wall off the 4th bedroom and take down the wall between your media room and the bedroom. you should then have a 14x28 room, but i would use all that length, i would build a wall somewhere toward the end as either a large closet (around 8' or so, or a place to put all the equipement so it's "hidden." anyways, nice room again, just an idea.

take care

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I had actually worked with someone to give me an assessment of speaker placement in addition to acoustical treatments. All of this was based on the existing room dimensions and the fact I had already purchased these speakers without much thought to the room. Anyways, long story short I was concerned with the shear size of the fronts so I called and emailed Klipsch. After they saw my sound guys write up and assessment they said he was spot on and that the layout would be perfect for this room size. And after listening to it...it is nothing but spectacular. Some may call it overkill but I'm happy.

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I know what you mean. I've been trying to pick a color for my exterior and have bought 20 sample pints and its never what I envisioned.

Believe me because I like neutral colors, that is a nice brown and I bet its awesome to eliminate home theater reflections too. I like the black on the screen wall too.

Nice job again. Props to all the others, but this gets my vote for best I've seen in awhile.

Edit: carpet is great too.

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I'm about 3 - 3 1/2 hrs away from lewisville.

As far as the acoustical treatments I'll be doing that on my own. It's relatively easy to do and cheap. 1" x 2" wood planks cut to size (depending on demensionsof the panel ie. 4' x 2'), OC705 Insulation, thin backing board, piano hinges, and fabric.

The hard part is that I'm going to try to get a good contrast shape/color that goes with the room. I'm envisioning some trial and error to get the look right.

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Before I forget....there are numerous companies out there that you can use for prefab'd panels. However, they cost a pretty penny... I did come across one company who prefabs the panel and uses both wool or insulation. They are relatively cheap (fraction of most companies and just a little more than a DIY.)


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the problem i have, is where to place it. it's easy to make or buy panels but where to do you put them in the room? isn't there some type of instrument that lets you know? this is the whole reason i didn't get a bonus room in my house. i started looking at the cost of accoustics and it was way out of my budget. i also figured if i was going to have a dedicated media room i was going to do it right. in the end i opted to save $23k in adding the room and will have a good living room media room. the one thing i will miss is the ability to put up movie posters. there are a bunch i would want to have, but that's where the wife draws the line.

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the problem i have, is where to place it. it's easy to make or buy panels but where to do you put them in the room? isn't there some type of instrument that lets you know?

Now, I was fortunate to know someone who is a friend of a friend of a cousin twice removed and did mine via software. After plugging some measurements in, specs on the system, yada yada...bada bing I had a layout where to place the panels.

The alternative instrument is a....drum roll....mirror :) I was going to go the route of the mirror b/c like you I'm doing everything on a small budget. In fact, the whole set up when done will be under $10k (there were alot of EPP deals, hot buys, and discounts that took most of the 6 - 8 mos of buying.)

Basics of using the mirror requires two people. One sitting or standing in the main viewing/listening area the other to hold the mirror and move it along the wall. You move the mirror until they can see the speaker and that is the center of the panel. Repeat the process on the other side. Also, don't forget bass traps for the corners. You can have them built in a soffit like design, column, or angled panel.

The other route I was going to go was buying this service. The one I stumbled across and peaked my interest (though I'm sure there are more) is this one: http://www.readyacoustics.com/index.php?go=products.proddetails∏=3DRA At $55 it seemed to do a good job and it was right up my frugal alley.

Hope this helps....

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The mirror method works okay for direct radiating speakers, but is not recommended for horn loaded speakers. The controlled dispersion of the horns and the 60/90 degree configuration of many designs does not lend itself to the standard mirror method.

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