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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Thank you!

The Misfits sound insane! All I'm missing is the pit. [6]

You just made me think of this: I've got a copy of some crazy Cramps concert at a looney bin I have to throw on the system. Probably sounds like garbage but I gotta give it a whirl!

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The Ear looks almost normal but his bad back makes him lean forward and his ears look well worn along with his back pocket from pulling out his wallet for his hobbies, besides that he's good ! [;)]

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Here's my setup (please don't mind the dirty house)... I finally got the clear from the lady to go ahead and put together a home theater. When we move next year and get a house, she wants me to build a small theater out of the basement. I cant wait! It's not a large system by any means, but it sounds nice for the $1k I spent on everything (all new too!). Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the rears or surounds currently.

- Yamaha RX-V661

- Front - RB-51

- Center - RCX-4

- Suround and Rear - 4x RSX-3

- Subwoofer - RPW-10

Other stuff shown is my HTPC, Xbox 360, & 40" Samsung LCD... Everything is enclosed, so I'm going to install some 120mm fans in the back of the A/V stand to suck out the hot air.

I run a HTPC as well which will receive a Blu-Ray/HD DVD combo drive next week as well as an 8800GT SSC.


I can't wait to get a house... I'm not too thrilled with the space/layout I have to work with currently. Being military, I move and I know I'm not staying much longer where I currently at.

I've moved and I'm now upgrading!!!

Posted Image

Posted Image

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